Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cheers to 400!

I've been writing on this blog since we moved into our first home (2006).  After we settled in and got Internet (I swear it took like two months!), I decided to start writing again.

You see, back in the day when I lived in my dark hole (my parent's basement), I did a lot of writing. Especially when I got sick and couldn't work or lead a normal life. I would sit at my desk for hours on end and just write about anything and everything.  I had a journal I literally wrote in, I typed at my computer a novel I couldn't wait to finish, and I also typed short stories about my life.  Writing was my outlet for creativity.  Once I met Jared and started having a real life again, the writing slowed down, a lot.  It saddened me but I knew that I could always make more time for it but didn't.

Once we got this home, there were so many wonderful things I had to write about and it was just itching inside of me.  I thought that if I started a blog, I could be creative at the same time I journal about our new life; a treasure I'll always appreciate having.

I've written numerous funny stories about being a home owner, endless accounts of our every day happenings and going ons, and a few really stupid posts when I couldn't think of anything else to say.  This marks my 400th post - yup, that's right, 400.  Through all 400 posts that I've written and read and reread numerous times, I've been able to share my life, my thoughts, and my creativity with the world.  Funnily enough, I didn't care if anyone was reading it.  I'm just happy to be able to put my thoughts and experiences down.  However I do know a few people are bored enough to read it (just kidding!).  Thank you to any and all of you who have stopped by to read about our life.  Thank you for commenting or just stopping by to read my thoughts.  If I've reached 100s or just my mom, it doesn't matter because I feel better letting it out no matter what.

Cheers to 400 Posts!

I've decided to put together some of my favorite posts in case you've not been reading my blog long and so I can do some reminiscing myself.  Happy reading and happy writing, to me.

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Thinkhappy said...

Congrats, Jessie! You look marvelous! Keep writing - Love to read your blog.


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