Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Trump vs Hilary: I Gave it a Fair Chance

Did you watch the debate last night? I listened in while I caught up on work.

I have never thought Trump was a viable candidate for president. In fact, I've been asking my husband for months, when will the gig be up? When will he stand up and say, just joking, you Americans are so stupid! But he's yet to do that. Maybe it is for real...

I heard a lot of crap last night during that debate and I'm not impressed. The one thing that came out of the debate was yes, I still think Trump is a completely ridiculous option for president.

A president should be dignified, gracious, and mature. They should be a true role model and thoughtful leader. They should be able show compassion, consideration, and have manners. They are representing the USA. I wouldn't want the USA to be represented by Trump.

The whole time I was listening, I kept thinking to myself, give him the benefit of the doubt. It's my one fault - I'm always too liberal. Maybe he is a good fit? Maybe I was wrong? Maybe he has merits? Maybe I didn't give him a legitimate chance. However, I'll quote Trump when I say, "Wrong.".

He came out swinging. He didn't answer questions, he was rude, and he didn't sound like a mature, dignified adult. He sounded like an immature brat.

Hilary Clinton was a lady. She was full of grace yet strong. Looking at her and listening to her, she felt like a true leader. Someone I'd want my children to emulate. Does she have the best policies? I'm not sure, but does it matter? How many presidential hopefuls get into office and do exactly what they say? Does she have some issues in her past? Of course. Is the best fit for or country? I'm not certain. Is she a better choice than the Donald? Definitely.

A friend shared this article doing a fact checker on some of the things discussed. If you missed the debate, be sure to check it out as it's very interesting.

At the end of the day, if you want to vote someone who says this, below, I'm scared for our country. Think about it. What kind of world would we live in if our leader truly feels this way? What are we teaching our children.

Monday, September 19, 2016

First Grade Stories: Fired

Me on the way to school: Why don't you meet someone new today and make friends.

Lyla; I already know them all. I know everything about everyone! Like *boy name*'s favorite color is green because it can be light green, dark green, or medium green.

After school chatter:

Lyla: Oh, I forgot to tell you! I was playing in gym with *boy name* and I was the dog. And he said boyfriends always help their girlfriends out. So he helped me. (giggling)

Me: Oh dear, another boyfriend.

Lyla: Yeah, I have 3. You know them all. (listing out their names)

Me: What about *boy name*? Wasn't he your boyfriend yesterday?

Lyla: He's fired. And *girl name* is fired too because she told *boy name* I had a crush on him.

Me: (shakes head dreading the teenage years)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Gorgeous! Damn!

Jared does some side work from time to time. He had this guy needing some DVDs burned but it was a really last minute thing. The guy, Ernesto, showed up later than expected at the house for pickup in between my conference calls, luckily. I was a bit annoyed for sure.

Ernesto: He (Jared) is good. So nice of him to do this for me.

Me: Yeah, he’s a good person.

Ernesto: You tell your husband his wife is gorgeous. DAMN! (as he walks away shaking his head…)

Me: Oh, (stuttering) thank you (turning beet red)

When is the last time someone called you gorgeous to your face? Me? NEVER.

I mean, especially not after two babies, lots of extra chub, and my Texas-sized bags under the eyes. I actually was dressed nicely (surprise, surprise), and brushed my hair today. I even slabbed on a bit of mascara to get rid of the exhausted look in my eyes.

So this dude shows up on my doorstep to pick something up and calls me gorgeous and just like that - my day is made.

Of course what did the husband say? Oh, are you sure he had his eyesight in tact? HA HA, whatever...

(this just in)

Ernesto texted my husband: Thank you just picked it up. You live in such a beautiful place next to a lake. You're a very lucky guy Jared, your wife looks like Veronica Mars, she even talks like her. :-)

OMG - day = made, again!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

First Grade Stories: Literally Unappropriate

My daughter loves to talk. My mom would say she takes after me and that payback is a bitch. But I consider it a blessing. Lyla's stories from school are amazing. I must document them!

So for this year, we'll start a new feature: First Grade Stories. So you can enjoy the gossip at her school as much as I do! We'll keep her classmates names anonymous so I'm not the piranha mom at school pickup!

For the record, my daughter is six years old and just started first grade.

On the way home from school:

Lyla: So a few years ago when I was in kindergarten, *boy name* was literally sitting right next to me. And he was like *other boy name* is so annoying. And I was like yeah. And he was like ah and I was like eh. And then he literally made this face and I literally didn't know what to do. 

Me: What kind of face?

Lyla: Like this (smiles with her mouth squeezed shut). Because he wants to marry me of course. And this *another boy name* is back from vacation and he's in *girl name*'s class. Remember him from last year? He was so unappropriate by saying he was going to kill someone. Do you remember that mom? He was so unappropriate. He literally said that. i'm just glad he's not in my class. he like, always gets breaks.


And I kid you not this is "literally" how the whole conversation went while I tried my best not to laugh. And I was able to record some of it cause she is too funny! Ahh first grade gossip I tell you!

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Day the Lady at McDonald's Helped a Sister Out

To the Lady at McDonald's,

I had a day. It started out okay. It was going pretty good actually. Had some friends coming over to swim with my kids. Work was going smooth and knew I’d have time for a few hours off to visit. But all that changed in one second.

A few weeks ago, a beer bottle fell and broke on my floor. My husband and I did our best to clean up all the glass and spilled beer. All was well or so we thought.

My son was walking through the living room as he does all day everyday but this time he fell on our shag carpet and started screaming. I picked him up not sure what had happened but then I saw the blood on his foot. There was a tiny glass shard sticking out the bottom of his foot. I could see the sharp edge and despite my toddler screaming for dear life tried my best to get it out. After failing miserably, I called my pediatrician for advice and let my son float in the pool until we had to go see the doc.

My friends left and I packed up my limping son and pouting daughter for the doc. I got in the car and realized I’d not drank much all day and was dying of thirst. I parked at the doctor and since it’s the same plaza as a CVS, I carried the injured toddler across the lot with my still sulking daughter to get a Gatorade. After getting the Gatorade, I went to pay and at that point my arm was throbbing from holding my 26 lb kid. So while holding him and trying to pay I somehow dropped the entire contents of my purse and my wallet on the floor. Now I couldn’t put my son down because of his foot. My face was beet red and I was dripping with sweat as I quickly had my daughter help me fill back up my bag. The man behind me in line was smiling as I apologized for the hold up but he was very gracious and polite so there was that. I literally ran out of CVS with both kids to get to the doctor’s office on time.

Once in the AC again and checked in, I went to put my wallet and purse back together again. That’s when I noticed something was missing. My change purse full of gift cards was not accounted for. I quickly called CVS and the woman found half of my purse still on the floor. FUN! I assured her I’d be right back after my appointment.

Meanwhile the doctor looked at my son’s foot and he had to get the glass shard out. For the next 10 minutes, my one and half year old sat on my lap squeezing my head and his blankies screaming and crying and sweating while the doctor dug the shard out with a needle. All the while my daughter hiding behind me worried about the situation wondering if it would ever end.

I put on a brave front but I was ready to lose it. I had left my purse contents in CVS, my son was going to hate me for life for A: leaving a glass shard behind and B: letting a doctor gouge out his foot with a needle. An eternity later the miniscule shard was out and despite the dramatics and pain, my son was perfectly fine. I walked out of the office holding in the tears.

Back to CVS I went to got my change purse, my chapstick, library card, and old shopping list and pen. Whoops...

I told the kids I’d get them McDonalds for dinner. After that whole ordeal and it being 5:30, hell no was I going home and trying to get dinner sorted. I knew I had a buy one, get one free Happy Meal coupon. I figured we’d end the day on a fun note. Who doesn’t love a Happy Meal! I mean, it was the least I could do after my son enduring the pain and my daughter having to witness it.

Upon reaching the drive through, I checked my McDonald’s app. I knew I had a paper coupon but thought the app had the same deal. I ordered and when I reached the pay window, realized the app deal was not that. It was buy a salad or meal and get a free Happy Meal. Fuck. I had that paper coupon though but no idea where it went. I had already told the guy I had it. That’s when you, the manager lady, came over to the window.

You saw the look on my face. You could tell I’d been through hell and back with this whole glass in my son’s foot ordeal without me having to say anything. I embarrassingly searched through my wallet and phone for the deal. It’s not like I couldn't afford two happy meals but I had a coupon! I could feel the tears start to well up in my eyes. I kept thinking in my head, this is nothing. Life could be so much worse. Just as I was about to throw my hands up and say forget it, I’ll just pay for both, you said, you know what, don’t worry about it. I’ll put in the coupon. I’m sure you have it somewhere.

Simple. You took my word and gave me the deal.

It was a very small gesture but relief washed over me. I felt like I was going to be okay. I made it through the day and you, a perfect stranger, had my back. So thank you lady at McDonald’s. You gave me a free Happy meal and gave his hard working, tired, stressed out momma a break.


The mom who forgot her coupon
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