Monday, June 27, 2016

Short Shaming

Nothing like getting short shamed by your six year old.

Lyla: Coffee is for grownups and kids.

Me: No, coffee is for grownups.

Lyla: Well, you’re kind of a kid cause you’re small too. You’re little like me. More like a sister than a mom. Yeah, your my big sister. (giggles)

Me: Okay so you just went there.

Lyla: Well, you are short...

Friday, June 03, 2016

My Son has Spots

I'm pretty sure I've googled "my son has spots" at least 2-3 times since he was born. Nothing permanent or life threatening. Mostly heat rashes.

Recently, my son had lots o spots. I texted my husband in the morning and figured I'd wait until the afternoon to see if they were gone; then call the doc!

At school pickup, a few moms recommended I do call that doc because I had forgotten my son had started medicine a week ago for a sinus infection. He may be allergic they said.

I called and then took him to the doctor since I was right across the street. In the waiting room, I was frantically texting Jared, the hubs, to help me remember the three day weekend. My crazy fast, typo ridden texts and then the doc's diagnosis and Jared's final, grateful response... Enjoy!

Yup, he is grateful it wasn't the beer; what a pity of our son was allergic to beer right? Men...

Thursday, June 02, 2016

SMM: Dear Fucking Spider

My latest on Surburban Misfit Mom; Dear Fucking Spider. This happened to me recently. And it took me three days to find the mother f'er and finally end his life!

Read all about it.

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Puffy Paint for the Win - My Ass!

You know how on your Facebook feed, you see so many random posts people have shared to friends of yours? Well I saw a random post alright and I thought, oh how fun!

Random Post - Puffy Paint for the Win!

Looks pretty right? Fun and pretty! Yay!

It was a rainy day when I saw this and I was heading to the store. So I stopped at the dollar store and got some glue and some shaving cream to do DIY puffy paint. Looked SO easy!

It was pretty easy and my paint looked just like the video! Until it dried... 

Overnight they sat and in the morning:

Here is my picture - wrote Lyla's name, can you tell?

Here is Lyla's gorgeous rainbow!

DIY puffy paint? Ha! More like DIY liquid from a car engine! The paper and "paint" were still wet and the beautiful colors gone. I guess the video should have included proper measurements and a full disclosure:

Our DIY puffy paint recipe worked like this for us. It may however not work like that for you. Be prepared for your picture to be super ugly and not resemble ours at all. Results vary!

We did get 30 minutes of messy, painting fun. So there was that. Setting expectations would have been a good idea though. My daughter we pretty unhappy her rainbow looked more like the combination of rusted entrails from a 1977 Chevy and the aftermath of an AutoZone explosion. Bummer! Maybe next time...

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