Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Keyboard Love

I'm a total klutz. I've talked about it often on here. So the husband introduced me to keyboard covers so I don't spill on my keyboard.

I ordered a pink one like this about 8 months ago and it started to wear. I just got this yellow one (below) to replace it for only $2.99 and I'm just in love with it. It makes me so happy to type!

And I get so many compliments on my keyboard cover. Go buy one!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

A Look on the Bright Side

Every once in a while I complain and moan. Okay so maybe I complain a lot (which my husband will testify to).

(imagine your best whiney voice)
My back hurts!
I'm getting old...
I want a dog!
I want another baby...
I don't wanna work!
Wah, I want chocolate.


The list goes on.

Sometimes now matter how I look at things and try to be positive, I only see the glass half empty. Life is not good enough...I need more. But I'm not sure what.

Yesterday I did this my daughter. Don't judge on my dorkiness:

We do this all the time to songs and I finally said, let's sit down and video us.

Here is my look on the bright side. Silly time, fun time, family time.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

What to Blog About

I've had this window and blog draft open for three days. Not once have I had a minute to think about it. So I'm sorry blog followers that I've totally sucked lately.

The only reason I'm working on it now is I'm waiting for a 7pm conference call that has been delayed. Yup. Because I work too much.

But it's super cute to hear my husband and daughter in the other room playing 'Snakes and Ladders' - the English version...

Yesterday we had our first beach visit of the season. It was heavenly. See below. Promise to write more soon.

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