Monday, March 19, 2018

Raising Kind Humans and the Daily Challenge

I'm thrilled to have my latest published on Scary Mommy today. Be sure to check it out here.

Read here:

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Valentine's Day at Our House

The following is an exact replication of the tradition of our Valentine's Day every year and one that happened this year.

February 12:
Me on the phone with Jared.

Me: Are we doing anything for Valentine's Day? Do I need to get you a gift or something?

Jared: No, not doing anything. I'll make dinner as usual.

Me: Okay. We doing cards? Or something?

Jared: No, not spending $7 on a card...

Me: Okay, I got you one at the dollar store so...

Jared: Yeah, I don't have time for that.

Me: No biggie, so should I cancel the massive basket of chocolate I ordered for you?

Jared: I don't need that. Don't spend money like that...

Me: Yeah I'm kidding, I got you one of those Edible Arrangements with fruit since I know you're eating healthy. Isn't that so kind of me?

Jared: No, don't need that either. No need to waste money.

Me: Okay good cause I didn't order one but I thought about it so that counts for something.

Jared: Good.

February 13:
I wake up and upon checking my email, I see a FedEx delivery confirmation. Something from 800 Flowers is arriving today for me. Talk about anti-climatic...

The box arrives and it's 2 dozen red roses (don't think I ever got that before...)

Card reads:
I send a kiss inside the petals of each rose. Love,  Jared xoxoxo

I die laughing, almost fall over. Take a photo and text this to Jared:

"Is this for real? Or did someone else order these on your behalf?" 

"What did you get a Groupon?"

He responds:
"No lol!" 

"Of course I did!"

"By one get 2 free"

And I'll laugh the rest of the day. Thank you dear husband for being you.

Friday, February 02, 2018

Published on BLUNTmoms

Read my published piece on BLUNTmoms. It's a coming of age story about how I finally feel like and adult and the sad reason why.

This One Thing Suddenly Made Me An Adult

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Writing about a Writing Competition

I joined a writing competition.

Write a short story 6 days. Easy.

Write said story with an assigned genre and objects. Okay.

Said genre assigned = action/adventure. Mother Fucker.

I have never written action or adventure. Ever. So I started brainstorming and got a few ideas right off the bat.

I then told Lyla because even though she's only 7, she's an aspiring writer also. What can I say...!

She had some ideas too.

My first story which was supposed to be an adventure turned out to be a love story - go figure...

My second story went from thriller to adventure to... heartwarming...

My third story is currently a blank doc. It will come to me, I suppose. Probably an hour before the deadline.

I just think it's funny that my genre is so different from me but this contest is really fun. Hopefully I can knock someting out and make it to the next round. Stay tuned for more updates and for failed adventure short stories ;)

Friday, January 26, 2018

Smudge: An Obituary

Smudge E. Wudge

Sometime 2001/02 - January 25, 2018

Smudge, a beautiful torti cat, passed away from kidney failure at a ripe old age.

Smudge was born somewhere on some date to someone who didn’t want her. She was then given to someone who already had a cat (who was a total brat) and they didn’t get along. That family tossed her outside to fend for herself where her adoptive father, Jared, took her in, cleaned off the tons of ticks, and gave her a home.

She and Jared automatically clicked and settled right into being roommates. In 2004, they gained another roommate - Smudge’s adoptive mother Jessie. She wasn’t a fan of cats at first but Smudge certainly won her over throughout the years.

Smudge was known as a huntress early on who could outrun lots of animals, scale trees and the roof like it was her job, and left all sorts of rodents, bunnies, and even birds as an offering to her parents. Sometimes in the grosses of places like inside a slipper (no joke!) and at the door of their bedroom. The amount of things she killed and then ate was admirable - waste not, want not was her motto. Finding mouse entrails on a daily basis was part of the life.

Smudgie also had an eccentric personality when it came to living life. Her parents would constantly find her sleeping in the oddest of places - the bathtub, the bathroom sink, and under the duvet smack dab in the middle of the bed. It was amazing really - how did she get directly under the duvet, in the middle of the bed with no wrinkles or messed up blanket. More times than one her parents couldn’t figure out what the lump was on the bed…

She also made her presence known around the house. She used to climb up to the roof and knock on the bedroom window in the middle of the night to let her parents know she was ready to come in. She’d scratch at doors all hours of the day and night to be let in or out. She also felt right at home in her parent’s bed sleeping on Jared’s pillow right next to his head. Nightly there were fights on how her mom had no room in bed because Smudge was comfy and shouldn’t be disturbed.

There was no room for any other pets in the house. The one fishbowl was knocked over after one day; that poor fish hadn’t a chance. A little brother was introduced after a few years but he was ignored and swatted at. He eventually passed and another little brother, Olly, came who wanted nothing more than to play with Smudge but she was too cool for him. They dealt with each other.

As Smudge aged, she slowed down. No longer hunting all day long, no more climbing of trees, and no more offerings of rodents. She spent most of her senior years snuggled up on the bed or getting smothered by the children. Smudge had been left to fend for herself but her family gave her a chance. She took that chance and made a wonderful life for her and for them.

Smudge leaves behind her mother and father Jessie and Jared; their children Lyla and Brighton; and her little brother Olly. Plus tons of extended family who loved her like their own - especially Oma from England.

We will really miss her even though sometimes she was a total pain in the butt. Rest in peace, Smudgie. Hope there are lots of animals to chase in kitty heaven.

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