Monday, October 02, 2017

Ignorance Could Have Brought Bliss

It was a great morning.

I was woken up by my toddler who now climbs out of his crib and into my warm bed for some morning snuggles. It’s literally one of my favorite parts of the day. Feeling his chilly body pressed against my warm chest while he strokes my cheek and cuddles me. There is no greater love than a mother for a child - except for when said child is snuggling on their own accord. My heart just melts. I pray it lasts forever.

The kids got dressed on their own without fuss. I got a stern talking to by my toddler though. It was funny. I asked him if he wanted the rest of his muffin. He said he wanted it not frozen though. Thoroughly confused, I asked him, do you mean you don’t want it warmed up? Yes, he said, don’t warm up my muffin, got it?

As we walked down the stairs, he looked at me and said: What did I say? Don’t warm up my muffin. Understood?

I was cracking up. He’s just the cutest, seriously.

We asked Alexa for some jokes and boredom facts while the kids ate breakfast and I prepared school lunch. I had Alexa play my favorite Beach Boys song and we were on our way to a great start.

Kids went upstairs to play (we were ready so early, there was play time! Score!) so I put on the radio to be entertained while I finished my coffee and catch up on work. I wish I hadn’t bothered. I wish I could have let me great morning continue but the world and one sick individual had other plans.

How many times do I need to turn on the TV or radio or read news online and see such heinous acts of cruelty? How often is there something going on in our country or world making people talk, disagree, argue, and cry? When is it going to end?


For this reason, I prefer to not listen to news and not read online. For this reason, I choose ignorance. It’s horrible, I know. It’s a cop out. I suck. But people and the world suck worse. I just hope and pray every day that these horrible things don’t come close to my tiny corner of the world.

I hope and pray that more people would raise their children the right and moral way - without hate, without judgement and with more love and kindness.

I hope and pray that those who are ill get help.

And I hope and pray that someday, I can turn the news back on and see more love than hate. Some day.

In the meantime, I will stay here in my tiny corner of the world, ignorant, yet doing my job. Helping to raise good people who will bring more love and less hate to the world. A job, though small, that is very important.

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