Thursday, May 26, 2016

A New Tradition Begins - And I'm SOO Freaking Excited

My little one graduates from Kindergarten this year. She made it! Yay! I knew she would nail it and she did! She is 100 times smarter, an amazing reader, and impresses me with her educational facts like it's her job.

So what a better way to celebrate this milestone and every year of school she completes... then with a CONCERT!

I am beyond thrilled to have booked tickets to see the Avett Brothers with my little kindergarten grad and music lover. She and I have the same music taste (yeah most of the time I control the music output at our house and car!). Avett Brothers are one of our favs and she is so excited! I couldn't wait to tell her so I did.

This will be the third concert I'm taking her to. Live music is a passion of mine and it's really how me and Jared met and fell in love. Being able to share this love with her and starting a tradition gives me the warm tingles inside. The show can not come fast enough and I'm excited to see who we'll get to hear next year. A new tradition and I'm in love.

I'll leave you with Lyla's new favorite song. Some day I'll try to video her singing and getting down to it!

1 comment:

eliza said...

Yasss! One of my faves as well. Have fun!

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