Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Three Wishes of a Working Mom

I’m a lucky woman. I have an amazing husband who pulls his weight more than most husbands. I have two beautiful, healthy children. I have a career (and I get to work from home!). I have a gorgeous roof over my head, aka the homestead.

I’m your average working, multi-tasking, highly caffeinated, going a million miles per hour, mom.

It doesn’t matter how lucky I am or how much I have; I want more. Now I’m not saying I need to win the $300,000 million dollar Powerball (though that would be AMAZING, right!?). I’m not even saying I need a maid, an assistant, to quit my job, or even to have unlimited vacation time (all of which would be awesome…). I wish simply.

If that hilarious yet all powerful Genie from Aladdin came tearing into my neighborhood, you can bet I’d be rubbing that lamp for my three wishes! I wouldn’t need days or even hours to come up with my wishes either. I know exactly what I want (and ixnay on the whole wishing for more wishes…)

Three things to make my life easier. Three things that would bring me joy, make me smile, and an overall happier person.

Three things that could easily exist in real life if my husband wanted to always be on my good side, my kids wanted me to say “yes” to pretty much anything, or if anyone who loved me wanted to do me a favor. All very doable, easy things.

Wish #1:
I want someone to wash ALL my bottles. I am so sick of piling up my baby’s bottles and then having to wash all the little parts. Seriously. Since breastfeeding ended, bottle washing has been my nemesis. Usually I’m good and will do 5-6 per day but lately I’ve been letting the bottles pile up to 10-11. And normally I wouldn’t have that many bottles but my fussy son only likes the certain old kind that I have which led me to Craigslist to get more because mine started leaking. And despite only wanting half a dozen of the lot, she gave me them all. Which of course allows me to not wash for days. Which of course creates an 11-12 pile up of dirty bottles. UGH!

So Genie, my first wish is to have someone wash all of my dirty bottles everyday. And while you’re at it, wash all my dishes because let’s face it, bottles won’t be a problem forever. So yeah, please do all my dishes (including bottles), forever.

Wish #2:
I want all my laundry put away for me. Yes, just put away. I don’t mind doing laundry or even folding. I just HATE putting it away! I constantly let clean clothes baskets pile up in my room which leads to an hour of standing in my room sorting them and then putting them all away at least once or twice a week. Life would be so much happier if all my clothes were instantly put away for me.

Genie, my second wish is for all my clean clothes to automatically get put away, neatly where they belong! Oh and for them to stay organized too!

Wish #3:
I want eggs for breakfast and I don’t want to cook them. Eggs are SO easy to cook. Eggs are the best breakfast. But I don’t have time to do them for myself. I’m too busy with school lunch, getting the children ready, putting in some early work hours, and, of course, inhaling coffee. I want fresh eggs cooked every morning for me. Egg omelets on Monday, eggs on toast for Tuesday, scrambled eggs on Wednesday, egg sandwich on Thursday, and eggs over easy with bacon for Friday! Then surprise me on the weekends!

So Genie, my third and final wish is for someone to cook me eggs every day for breakfast and of course do the clean up afterwards!

Thank you in advance.
Once I’m done with my three wishes, I’ll send this wonderful, magic Genie to your house next. What are your three wishes going to be?

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