Thursday, October 01, 2015

Book of Your Life

I wrote this for a friends wedding and had previously published it here on These are Days... Just came across it today randomly and wanted to share again. Love this..

In the book of your life, there is the story of your love. The first few chapters are short ones, detailing your devoted love for parents and family. Fun tales of writing Mother’s Day cards and doing arts and crafts; they are always gifts from the heart to show your family how much you love them. Love is so easy at this age. It is innocent and unconditional. We spend this time just being kids and loving with our whole beings.

Once you get a little older, the chapters get a little longer, and more characters are introduced. That cute boy at recess who you play tag with, the next door neighbor you sit on the bus with, and your sibling’s friends who hang out at your house, are impossible to not blush over. The opposite sex is so alive in your mind but you’re still too young to really understand and wholly love.

Adolescence is a wonderful time in our lives. So many stories, so many love tales and tragedies take over our existence. Though exciting and ever-changing, our mystical romances and casual flings help us practice for the real thing and spectacular act of, love. These chapters in our book are sometimes forgotten or neglected due to the heartache and pain we suffered through.

All the experience gained during our teenage years is tossed aside as we grow into adults. We don’t want to remember our proms and our bad breakups. We want to move on with our lives. The next few chapters in our love story weave tales of happiness, sadness, fun and regret. We find ourselves enjoying the company of friends, finding out who we really are and who we want to be. We are devastated by break-ups, and too weak to approach the one our hearts call out to. This period in our life is for introspection, growth, and most of all for self-love.

The most beautiful chapter in this story is the final one. One in which you have grown to be independent, to love yourself; you are finally ready to give yourself to, and love, someone else. Then you meet that special being. Time stops. In your world, the only people on earth are you and your soul mate standing in front of you. All of a sudden it does not matter what day it is, how much money is in your bank account, or what’s happening tomorrow. All you know is that right then, you found that someone to love. You’ll be happy to be with this person for the rest of your life and making them happy will bring you no greater joy. Nothing else matters to you. You realize that the love you’ve been growing your whole life has blossomed for this one, special person. That love is the love that will keep you writing the rest of your love story.

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