Thursday, October 29, 2015

Just SUPPORT Your Kids - Screw Everyone Else

This post may piss people off. I don't care.

I'm SO sick of seeing stories of parents getting rewarded or getting accolades for letting their kids just BE a kid. I'm even more sick of internet troll DB* parents who comment on these stories.

You have a son and he wants to be a princess for Halloween? You let him and you get all kinds of "aww what a good parent". No. That is not how it should work. If your son wants to wear a princess costume - good for him! If you let him, you just did what any parent should be doing - supported your kid. If it's even a question or an issue, yes, that is a HUGE problem in our society.

If you daughter wants to play with trucks and cars. Good for her. Not good for you.

Our children should be free to play with what they want regardless of gender and should be able to dress as they want regardless of gender. We shouldn't stop them.

No matter what toys they decide on, what clothes, or what costume, we should support our children. That is our JOB. Our job is not to do things based on what society says. Our job is to be supportive.

If all those parents out there want to be assholes and society wants to put pressures on us to keep to the "norms", screw them. Just be a parent, support your child, and you'll be fine. Don't care what anyone says.

I think it's disgusting that we need to make a big deal out of non "norms" (according to society) with our children. Just let them be! Why is it an issue!



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