Saturday, October 08, 2011

Not Afraid Anymore

I took Lyla to see a farm this summer and she sat in her stroller curiously looking around.  She liked the ponies the best and watched them frolic around.  But when it came to the big horses, she was terrified.  She started screaming and crying trying to get away from there.  Of course I obliged not wanting to scare her.  I tried a few times to show her they were nice horses but she didn't believe me.

Today there was an open house at McCullough Farm and we missed the last one.  So I really wanted to take Lyla.  On our way home from gramma's house we stopped by to see what it was all about.

There was a large barn full of horses.  Lyla, naturally, was very frightened.  I was holding her but didn't have to because she was clinging to me like plastic wrap.  We went up to a stall to say hi to the horse and she shook her head no.  At every stall it was the same thing.  Cling, freeze up, and shake head no.

Eventually we watched two little girls go in the stall and feed the horse.  Lyla watched and started saying horse and eat.  She was pointing to them but still clinging to me.

We then went over to see the baby horses and she got more brave starting to put her hand out.  Then an amazing thing happened.  She stopped clinging and shaking her head.  She smiled and pet the horse.  

And just like that she is no longer afraid.

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