Monday, October 10, 2011

Working Mom Mondays

Well, today was supposed to start off a bit differently for me.  I had these grand plans of being up early and getting some work done before Lyla wakes up, doing the treadmill, and being showered all before 7am.

However because I'm sick (again...), I had to drug myself with Nyquil last night.  So therefore I have a Nyquil hangover.  I can barely keep my eyes open at 8am and that is after a shower and coffee (I don't even drink coffee).

So needless to say my week has started off crap.  And that is a bad thing.  See, this week I start my new job at work. Yeah, didn't I tell you?  I got a promotion at work.  Unbelievable. The girl who sits here on her blog and bitches almost every day about how she doesn't want to work, has no desire for a career, and just wants to be a mom.  Yup, me.  I'm the one who is moving up and being successful. I'm the one "bringing home the bacon" for my family.  And that husband of mine, the one who has been trying to find a new job for ages, who all he wants to do is move up in his career and be more successful, the one who works harder than anyone I know and is more talented than anyone I know; he's still stuck at his job, same salary for the past 5 years, and is not going anywhere there.  I'm living his dream.  

Today, I will sit here and work my butt off trying to figure out my way in this new role.  I will feel uber guilty for not being there for Lyla all day, I will earn good money, all the while my poor husband does his thing; the same ol' thing he's been doing for ages why he prays he will get an email for a phone call for an interview.  Life is just a tad bit unfair or is it?

Tis the life of a working mom...

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christina said...

WHAT?? What happened?!?! What's your new role? CONGRATS lady!!

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