Friday, October 07, 2011

Loving being a mom

This week...

I spent about an hour organizing Lyla's hair accessories.  She probably has enough hair pieces to let every child in Connecticut wear at least one at the same time.

I let Lyla take a walk "by herself" where she proceeded to walk up the hill of our street, into my neighbor's driveway, up their path, and knocked on their door.

I taught her how to "moo" and she grasped the concept.  Now everything "moos".  I taught her how to cover her mouth she when coughs.  She learned to not tip the spoon upside down when she eats - but she's still working on it.  She says thank you after everything now; well her version of thank you.

I've cleaned her room probably a zillion times, changed many diapers, I've washed dirty hands, I've cleaned many a times a crumbs littered floor, and I'm a pro at spilled milk.

Lyla has learned to drink from a cup by herself.

She can even point to Paris and Italy on her world map.

I call that a productive week of motherhood.

I love being a mom.

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