Wednesday, December 08, 2010

So it arrived...

Remember how I was being a total hypocrite about Black Friday and getting a treadmill?  Well said treadmill has arrived! 

For the record, I did not set my alarm to get up at 2am to buy it online, I got up around 7 as usual and then bought it.  I was relieved to see they still had one in stock for me.

Anyways I've been waiting around for it planning the whole new me.  I'm going to get fit fast with this treadmill.  I'm going to get up every morning at 6am and run on it.  I'll get so good, next year I'll be doing my first marathon.  So this is all well and good. I have high hopes for myself and hot damn it I'm going to try my best.

When I got the call yesterday that said they'd be delivering it today, I was ecstatic!  I cleaned out the basement and cleared my schedule for tonight so I could try it out.  Boy oh boy was I excited.

Around 11:30am today, the truck pulled up!  I ran down stairs realizing that I forgot to clear my Christmas decorations clutter from the living room so they could bring it downstairs.  So I quickly moved things around and got ready to show them where it was going.  These two dudes parked at the end of my driveway and walked all the way up it with a big box.  (I have a long driveway, those guys were crazy...).

Halfway up the driveway, I opened the door with excitement. I yelled to them to come this way to bring it in the basement.  Here is what ensued next in real life:

Dude 1:  Sorry, unless you hook us up, we're not allowed to bring it in.
Dude 2:  No can do.
Me:  (SOB) Really?  I didn't know that. I guess you can bring it in the garage then (sulking).

Here is the way I almost had this conversation go:
Dude 1:  Sorry, unless you hook us up, we're not allowed to bring it in.
Dude 2:  No can do.
Me:  Really?  What if I show you my boobs?  I know!  I'll show you one to bring it the basement and I'll show you both to assemble as well?  Deal?

So since I'm a prude and since I looked like a raggedy old housewife in my sweats and tied back hair with a kid hanging from my hip, I opted against offering up a visual of my semi hot tamales.  Now my treadmill sits in a box in the garage for God only knows how long.  Since it's about 200 lbs heavy and not assembled, it may see the light come spring when Jared decides to clean the garage.  Sheesh, I should have just showed them my boobs...

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