Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bliss is coming

I'm sitting here currently in my bedroom on a chair.  Laptop on my crisscrossed legs and loving every bit of the hot bottom of it on my legs keeping me warm.  My daughter is in her crib, hopefully taking a nap and all is quiet in my world.  I'm working hard with ideas coming out from everywhere in my brain.  I can barely type them out fast enough for my work project. 

I'm wearing my oversized, fleece sweatshirt that just swallows me up and keeps me toasty.  The sun is trying to gleam through my blinds giving me just enough light yet now overpowering me.  Snow flurries swirl around the house and I can faintly smell my beautiful Christmas tree sitting on its throne.  

Four more days. It haunts me.  Four more days until my world is no longer work.  Four more days until my days and nights will no longer blur together in a charade of working and home life.  No more conference calls, late night email chats with China, no more rushing around at lunch time to pick up the house, feed the child, and myself.  No more crazy days, endless nights, and early mornings.  Just pure bliss.  Well as blissful as my two weeks off from work can be while entertaining my in laws at my home, having Christmas, and being with Lyla.

For me the bliss will endure when I can snuggle in bed with my family a little longer.  When I can stay up late watching a movie without being tired.  When I can actually pick up a book and read for an hour.  When I can spend all day rolling on the floor with Lyla and not have a care in the world.  My blissful time is coming in four days.  

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