Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

Today I'm thankful for one special thing so rather than make my usual list, I'll tell you about it.

I'm thankful that in 3 more days, according to the sore throat lozenges box, Jared's "tonsillitis" will go away.  I'm not even kidding you when I tell you this story of my adorable husband.  

On Sunday, Jared spent the entire day outside in shorts and a t-shirt. It was not that warm out but he was dirty and sweaty after the long day planting and trimming.  That night at bed time, he complained he was not feeling well and had tonsillitis.  I'm not sure if it's a British thing but when I have a sore throat, I say just that, a sore throat. But when Jared has a sore throat, he has tonsillitis.  It's too cute.  Anyway, the entire night Jared struggled to breathe/sleep properly due to his tonsillitis.  This brought out chainsaw-like snoring that I could not compete with. By 1am I was on the couch in the bedroom hoping the little distance would be quieter.  Not so much.  By 2am I was on the couch downstairs and his snoring was a distant memory although I could still hear some of it.  

Monday night, same thing.  I was on my second night of no sleep and bitterness was mine.  I was literally smacking tonsillitis-stricken Jared every ten minutes to stop snoring.    I was throwing tissues at him to blow his nose, I was so frustrated and exhausted refusing to leave my bed.  

Yesterday I had to go to the pharmacy to get the remainder of my prescription and I told Jared he better get something to help his throat.  Before we went out, the husband takes a flashlight into the bathroom and examines his tonsils.  He then googles a picture of tonsillitis and asks me to check if he has it.  So Dr. Jessie, here I am, look at him and can't help but laugh.  I keep telling him to call the real doctor since what do we pay insurance premiums for every year if he does not go.  But Jared refuses.  He says and I quote, "I'm not like all you Americans needing drugs all the time for everything and to see a doctor for every little thing.  I'm healthy and don't believe in that."

So out we go to the pharmacy and Jared is engulfed with choices for what to take.  He sees a stock girl in the aisle and says, and again I quote (to a poor stock girl, mind you!), "I think I have tonsillitis because my throat is really sore and I looked and didn't see white spots so it's probably not too serious but it's causing pain every time I swallow.  What can you recommend to help?"  I don't know why this is so humorous to me but it just is.  The girl looks totally lost and says she'll get the pharmacist.  I laugh at Jared asking him why he's asking a poor stock girl for medicine recommendations.

We go over to see the pharmacist and Jared gives his spiel again  I can't help but smile again.  I feel like any second, Jared is going to jump on the counter for an examination.  The first thing the pharmacist says is he may want to call his doctor for antibiotics - I bite my tongue and refuse to say I told you so.  Off the two of them go in search for the miracle tonsillitis cure drug.

While I'm sitting waiting for my thing, Jared goes and pays for his lozenges so he can crack the box right away.  He sits down next to me and reads over the entire box.  He looks at me and says they will cure him within 7 days.  He silently counts backwards and realizes that in 3 more days he'll be fine.  It is so cute I can't help but laugh.  Jared is a stranger when it comes to illness.  He never gets sick but when he does, his naiveté and actions are so adorable. I just want to take him to the doctor for a check up and a pretty sticker for his efforts.

So today I'm so grateful that this whole ordeal is almost over.  Like the box says, 3 more days and his tonsillitis will be cleared and the snoring, hopefully, will not be as overwhelming.  Can I just say that after three days of not sleeping due to this, I should be the one with tonsillitis. 


Wendi said...

I love that you think it's adorable. I really do.

Jessie said...

lol! it's adorable now but when i'm up all night, not so much! :)

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