Saturday, March 13, 2010


If I want to sit down in my house, I have many options:

My office chair where I spend 75% of my day. The time of the day, my cat is using it...

My dining room chair which I sit in during special meals or to escape the rest of the house.

The kitchen counter stool where I sit and talk to Jared on while he cooks.

The kitchen table chair where I eat dinner every night.

Our sofa set in the TV room.

Our formal living room couch.

I can even sit on an ottoman in the living room.

So as you can tell, I have a lot of variety in my chair choices.  Some are more comfortable than others but all I love equally.

Lately, our lives have been all about baby things.  So my question is why does my baby get to have a number of chairs that do way cooler things than mine?  

This one is soft and squishy.  An easy way to sit on the floor with a guarantee to easily get up. I can not sit on the floor with out having difficulty getting up.

This is a bouncy chair.  The baby sits in it and it vibrates.  Um, sign me up for one!  Why don't they make adult chairs like this?  You can bring it wherever you go and be assured to have rest, relaxation, and vibration to soothe you.  Not to mention hanging toys and the adorable owl design...

This is a swing!  How cool to have a mini swing in your house that rocks you and plays music.  I know many adults that would love this.  

The boppy.  Granted I do have a gigantic pillow like this but it's not comfy to sit on the floor with.

Clearly, I'm already jealous of my unborn daughter and the cool gadgets she gets to sit in.

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