Monday, March 15, 2010

Holey Pants

I woke up this morning like every other morning.  Got dressed in the same pants I wear every day - also wash every day.  They are the only ones that fit me comfortably AND allow me to wear shoes that match and fit my swollen feet.

I drove into Hartford for my non stress test and took a nice nap while listening to my baby girl's heart beat.  Then I sadly woke back up and drove into work.  Once at my desk, I settled my things, turned on my computer and logged in.  Next came putting my lunch in the fridge and taking a quick potty break.  When I got to the bathroom and pulled my pants down, I noticed that they were severely lacking something.  That is when I realized that they had ripped right down where a fly would have been.  I mean torn, unfix-able, and leaving me looking ridiculous.  

First of all I'm devastated because these are my one and only pants. Secondly, I'm at work an hour from home with a gigantic hole in the crouch of my pants!  Luckily these pants have or should I say had a lining so my undies were not up front and social.  I pulled my shirt down laughing hysterically back to the office where upon seeing our receptionist I showed her the damage.  

I made my way back to my desk and with a cubicle wall covering me, I told my boss that I had to go home.  I had a slightly embarrassing wardrobe malfunction that I needed to tend to.  We both laughed, I turned scarlet, and I drove the one hour back to my home.

Needless to say, I don't even want to know how long they were torn but I'm sure someone noticed and got a giggle out of it before I did.

Here are my no longer favorite and only pants torn.  Boy am I classy...

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