Thursday, February 18, 2010

Is there Gas in my Car?

Jared took my car yesterday to work.  He also had to drive all the way to the University of Rhode Island to pick up some things (an extra 45 minutes away).  Last night:

Jessie says:  Does my car have any gas in it?
Jared says:  It's almost empty.
Jessie says: What!  Come on Jared!  How could you take my car and not fill it up for me?!  (steaming from the ears).
Jared says:  Just fill it up tomorrow.
Jessie says:  So your PREGNANT wife has to leave early and go out in the cold to pump gas!  Plus I have a doctor's appointment to get to. ARGH!  Jared that was so rude. (at this point I am so tense and pissed off)
Jared says:  Quit your nagging, it's good exercise.
Jessie says:  You're such an ass!!

This morning I got into my car that was sporting a full tank of gas.  I get out my cell phone:

Jessie says:  Apparently I do have a wonderful husband.
Jared says:  Why's that?
Jessie says:  Because I have a full gas tank.  Why did you go on last night and stress me out?
Jared says:  Because it's funny...

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