Tuesday, December 15, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Memories - Day 15

This year I've decided to write a special Christmas memory for the 25 days of Christmas. Each day until Christmas day, I will share a funny Christmas moment, memorable gift exchange, and my happy moments with family.  I hope you enjoy!

15th Day of Christmas

One Christmas, a friend of mine at work, MaryBeth, gave me a recipe for bark.  Being the non chef that I am, I took this recipe of four ingredients and went to town.  It is so simple:  1 cup of butter melted mixing in a cup of sugar (nice and healthy), a sleeve of saltine crackers lining the bottom of a cookie tray which you then pour the sugary mixture over and bake, then you add chocolate chips on top, let melt, and spread over the rest.  Honestly it's so easy a cave man can do it - no offense.

I made it that first year with chocolate chips and it was SO good.  I then started to experiment using butterscotch morsels, chocolate mint morsels, and white chocolate.  Each batch came out better than the next.  I made so much of it, I had dozens of it.  I made plates for everyone I know and sent it out to them for Christmas.  We had bark in our fridge for weeks after Christmas and every day we'd eat a little more of it.  When the next year came around, Jared asked for more and same again every year.  This year, Jared sheepishly asked me again if I was going to make that bark.  Umm, yeah I am!  It is super easy, purely sugar, and so tasty!  The best/easiest bark around.  Thanks to MB!

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