Monday, December 14, 2009

25 Days of Christmas Memories - Day 14

This year I've decided to write a special Christmas memory for the 25 days of Christmas. Each day until Christmas day, I will share a funny Christmas moment, memorable gift exchange, and my happy moments with family.  I hope you enjoy!

14th Day of Christmas

My mom is probably the easiest person to shop for.  She is so in love with her children that all she wants every year is more pictures of us to put all over her house.  I'm not joking.  You go in to any room in her house and it's tastefully plastered with us everywhere.

A few years ago, Jodie said why don't we just get our pictures professionally done for mom again.  We have done this many a time but mom was begging for recent ones.  So Jodie and Mike came to our house one night, we got dressed in matching outfits:  jeans and black sweaters, and headed out to our appointment with a local mall photo place.  Upon arriving, the four of us stepped in to kiddie world.  Literally.  There were babies, kids, toys, and flustered parents all over.  Then you see the four of us grown ups, matching, walking into the back to do our photos and it was laughable.  Apparently I'd definitely picked a kids photo place for our pictures.

Jodie couldn't stop laughing, I was aggravated because my brother had just ate Chinese food and it was all over him, and Jared was annoyed because he hated getting his photo taken.  The photographer came out to get us and it was totally a laugh.  She had all these poses for us to do that were ultra-corny (one included my sister laying on her belly with her hands on her cheek - think six year old, my brother sitting next to her with his arm over her waste, and me leaning up against them). At one point they even had me and Jodie right next to each other with our thumbs in our back pockets - think twins at 10 years old.  The entire thing was painful, embarrassing, and went way too slow.  We still laugh about it to this day.

But the best part was we got some nice photos from mom, framed and she was thrilled beyond belief.  This year Jodie recommended we do it again so this time I have a photographer coming to the house and all six of us in the shots.  Hopefully this will be better!

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