Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Today I am Thankful for Friends

I've not had a best friend since middle school.  I think best friends are hard to come by for me.  Right now, I consider Jared to be my best friend and as long as we're together, he'll always be that person for me.  I do have a number of friends that mean a lot to me.  No matter how much I talk to them or see them, they will always be an important person in my life.

I only keep in touch with three friends from high school.  The four of us (ladies night crew) have been together since middle school pretty much.  We kept in touch through college, watched each other all get engaged, and supported each other while walking down the aisle at our weddings. Holly, Kathleen, Betty, and I are not best friends but we're true friends.  We may only see each other once a month but we'll always be there for each other.  I'm grateful to have these girls as my friends.

I have a friend I met while studying abroad in London and she and I were two peas in a pod.  Instead of partying it up around London every night, half the time we were in our rooms together reading.  I don't think I've ever read more than when I was in London with Lori or Lorikins as I like to call her.  We'd swap books and then share and compare.  We traveled Europe together our way and had a blast.  The best time of my life was studying abroad with Lorikins in London.  Although she lives in Pennsylvania and we don't see each other as often as we used to now that we're both married, I'll always be there for her and she for me because that's just how it is.  I'm so thankful to have Lorikins as a friend.

I have a few other friends that I consider very important to me.  Rose would be one of them.  As a former colleague, she is the one who set Jared and I up.  We owe our happiness to Rose.  But not only that, Rose prays for us every night, she is there for me when I need her, and I'm so happy to have her as my friend.

I'm thankful for my friends that I've not had too long of a time but I know each time I'm with them, they become more dear to my heart.  Friends like Cheun, Jenn, Carolyn, Donna, and Jonah I'll always be grateful for. I'm also grateful for friends I've never met but who I love chatting with on the Women's Nest.

I'm also thankful for all my friends that read my blog.  Thanks guys :)

Always remember friendship is not one-sided.  It has to be cared for and nurtured by both friends for each to appreciate it the most they can.

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