Monday, October 19, 2009

Scary movies

It's October, the month of Halloween. Therefore, Jared likes to make us watch scary movies the entire month. For the record, I hate scary movies. In fact, once he put Jaws on because I had never seen it. Just the da dum, da dum, music at the beginning scared me so much I made him turn it off! Now Jared loves horror flicks so he is always disappointed we can't watch them together. But I am honestly such a wuss. I sit there with my eyes closed and my ears covered for most of the movie so it's not fun.

I'll never forget as a young teen, a bunch of my cousins were over. We were all sitting in my room and they wanted to watch Candyman. I had never seen a scary movie before and I screamed through the entire thing. In fact, I was so traumatized, I would not go to the bathroom because the mirror was directly in front of the toilet. I made a cousin hold a towel up for me. To this day, just speaking the name, Candyman, freaks the crap out of me. You can only imagine how I was taunted after that. All my cousins got a kick out of it and I pretty much had nightmares for months.

So when every October rolls around, I humor him and we watch a scary movie every night. This past week we've watched: Gothica, The Haunting, Sleepy Hollow, Poltergeist, Riddick, and a few others not worthy of remembrance... Honestly, I can't understand the point of these movies. They all scare the crap out of me and make no sense (however this may be because I'm not paying attention to most of it!). When we watched Poltergeist (our second attempt...), I just laughed through the entire thing. It was the only way I could get through it.

I am not a fan of October. But I'm looking forward to November which lately I've deemed as Chick Flick month. Although I'm pretty sure Jared will wuss out on me and not watch Sleepless in Seattle, How to lose a Guy in 10 Days, and of course my favorite, Say Anything.

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