Sunday, October 18, 2009

Last night Jared made fish for dinner

We had a couple over for dinner and they got fish, I got chicken because right now I can't do fish. All through dinner I tried to ignore the smell of the fish and I just thought I'd share my train of thought that whole night...

Jessie's head:

Wow, I love strawberries, they are so yummy and juicy. They are sweet and delicious and I want some right now. I like to roller skate. I can see myself on my roller skates right now with some pig tail braids dancing around in gold like that Austin Powers 3rd movie. That reminds me of Fern Gully - not sure why. I love Fern Gully! "...the name is batty, the logic is erratic.." "...delicious and nutritious tastes just like chicken!" "...Price check on prune juice, Bob, price check on prune juice" I could recite that entire movie by heart, isn't that sad. Such a great movie but I never really understood the whole "hexus" thing. Oh well. Stop! Concentrate! Don't smell the f word. Wow this chicken Jared made me is so good. Why is everyone looking at me. Yes, I'm alright I say, don't worry. Focus! Oh no, they are talking about fish now too. Man! I can't wait to get into bed tonight and lay down without the smell of the f word. What there is dessert? I can barely stomach looking at these brussel sprouts in front of me let alone eat an apple and sour cream cake. Okay, focus because you just took your eye off the ball. Sing, that's right, sing. Twinkle twinkle little star.... that is not working. Uh oh, Jared is looking at me funny. I wasn't just singing out loud, was I? Oh, yeah, it's time to get up yay! Oh jeeze, got up too fast. Will excuse me a second, I tell the company as I run upstairs to a safe haven of no smells and double over forcing to keep my food down.

What a night!

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