Friday, October 09, 2009

Happy photos

It's a dreary day today. I'm sitting at my desk swamped with work. I mean swamped. I can barely get my fingers to type fast enough. However here I am blogging. Go figure! I need a quick break, that is my excuse.

I've decided today to focus on the happier days I've had. No one likes cruddy weather days so I'm posting some nice weather pics to perk my mood and yours!

A day at the sunflower field, surrounded by beauty.

Our newly planted pot earlier this year.

A beautiful winter day at the beach.

Our resident bird, if you can find him here. I think he's a blue heron.

Our fall foliage!

Our lilly pads!

One of our beautiful roses.

1 comment:

HeatherB said...

I am jealous of your fall foliage...we are getting cheated down here in Fairfield...I swear the leaves are blowing off the trees before they even turn!

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