Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our Valentine's Day

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and being the hopeless romantic that I am, I am unable to ignore the holiday. However that does not mean I smother my husband from daybreak until day end with gushy romance and impractical arrays of affection. We love each other every day, and this one day of so-called love we make a point to do something special.

I had requested two things. #1 was I didn't want a gift. #2 was all I wanted was breakfast in bed (consisting of an egg over medium on wheat toast with a runny yolk, home fries, one slice of bacon, and a side car of one pancake with one flower, real or made on my tray). Yes, I'm such a pill. As well as a nice dinner at home instead of going out because Jared is such a great chef. I have been going on and on about my breakfast in bed, so I was so excited about it. Until Friday I remembered I had Zumba! class on Saturday morning. I could envision myself doing my salsa left with all that food and keeling over to... So I asked Jared to postpone the breakfast in bed until Sunday. But I was still looking forward to my dinner!

My gift to Jared was special. First off I took about fifty little white pieces of paper and wrote little love notes on them and then hid them all over the house where I knew he would eventually find them. Not immediately but I'm saying he may not find some of them for months! So that was fun and every now and then he keeps coming up to me with another note he has found. One under the next coffee mug in line, one in his bathrobe pocket, one in his underwear draw, and too many more I can't remember where! I also made Jared a photo book on Kodak of our London trip. The book came out really nice, not corny like I was afraid of and he really liked it. The last thing I did was made his card. We always spend so much money on cards so I thought it would be nice to make his card at home and he really liked that.

Now Jared gave me a beautiful card and instead of buying me flowers, he bought me day lilies bulbs for me to plant in the garden so I can cut them fresh for the house. He knows how much I love having fresh flowers from our garden in the house so now I can plant and cut my own. It was really cute of him. He also got me a few other cute things. Even though I told him not to.

Dinner was amazing. I helped him cook and for the first time, we almost did a smooth job of working together in the kitchen. I let go my stubbornness just this once and we made a lovely schnitzel meal. This meal is from Jared's mum's side of the family as she is Austrian. The meal comes with potato salad, pickled beets (which I'm not a fan of), and roast potato. We serve the pork schnitzel with cranberry jelly and a squirt of lemon. It is to die for! So yummy! We stuffed our faces and then for dessert, Jared concocted home-made creme brulee! No lie! What a tough dessert to make but he nailed it. It was amazing. He also made us an espresso as we sat there to finish the night off.

Of course it was my choice for the movie and I talked him into watching the Sex and the City movie as he had not seen it yet. We enjoyed it and our evening together. This morning Jared got up to do breakfast but I was too full still! I took a rain check on the breakfast for next week and he promised to do it then!

I hope everyone had a decent Valentine's day. We're heading out to the beach to walk off our schnitzel and creme brulee coma!

Creme Brulee!

My home made card :)

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That's great, all of it!

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