Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What do YOU do?

I am a working mom and I have a great job - well paying, lots of responsibility, and I feel like I'm doing something good.  I don't like to mix work and personal life but just this once, I will.  Find out a bit more about what I do here - and I mean just a bit more since this is just a small part of my job role as Director of Events and Educational Programs for a company I'd rather not name.

But anyways, I do love what I do in a sense.  I'm lucky because I can work from home, I have flexible hours, and my company really appreciates me.

The downside is I work A LOT and I cannot stay home with Lyla and just play.  I have her at home with me 2 days a week and the other days she's at "school".  And I do realize I complain about this A LOT on this blog!

Anywho, that is not the point of this post.  The problem I have is that I do have a pretty cool job and sometimes I like to talk about it.  Not brag, but talk.  I like to tell people what I do, how I'm not just your average working mom.  I like to share how what I do is important and I am an intelligent, creative individual who is valued in the work place.  Sometimes doing this reminds me how much I love my family and my life because I'm able to provide for them with the work I do and it makes it worthwhile the time I spend away from them.

My beef is with people who don't care to ask.  Whenever I meet someone new, I ask them about themselves. What do you do, where are your from, etc.  I'm a pretty friendly girl if I do say so myself.  But no one reciprocates this - and I mean no one.  When I'm out with my husbands coworkers - not one of them  asks me about my work.  When I'm out with family - they don't ask me what I do or how work is (and my mom doesn't count!).  When I'm meeting new people - none of them seem to care; especially if I have Lyla climbing all over me.  To them, I'm just a mom.

But I'm not just a mom.  And no one is "just a mom" for the record.  "Just a mom" is the lamest thing anyone can say because there is so much more than just being a mom.

I don't want to go out at night and talk about work all night long.  But I do want people to be interested in me as a person as a whole and not what they see on the surface (which is a frumpy, casual, slightly overweight, always tired, working mom).  I am creative. I am smart. I am managing a multi-million dollar project and events.  I am also taking my daughter to dance class, story time, and doing play-doh throughout the day.  I'm pretty awesome actually.  

So the next time you're out with someone who seems to be "just a mom", I dare you to ask them more about themselves.  I dare you let them show you who they really are.

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Home Place said...

You are so right! For years I felt like I was "just a student" - then "just a housewife" - "then "just a worker"
The truth is...I'm all of them...and that's what makes me so neat, too!

Great blog!

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