Friday, July 17, 2009

No Moon, No Stars, Just Bright Lights

Last night we sat on the couch together just watching a horrible movie. I was exhausted and Jared was getting on my nerves. Every few minutes, we noticed bright lights outside but neither of us commented just assuming it was the TV reflection or something similar. After Jared went to get our cat inside, he came over to me and offered his hand asking me to follow him. Irritated I wanted to know what was going on. He paused the movie and I followed him outside on to the deck in my slippers and pajamas.

Look up he told me. There above our heads was a fierce lightening storm in the distance. The sky light up so brightly over the trees and was an incredible sight. Isn't it beautiful, he said to me. He sat down on our metal deck chair and offered for me to join him. I was so nervous to be outside with this incredible storm looming ahead, especially in a metal chair. It was beautiful. We sat for a few minutes watching and then decided to wander over to the side of the yard to our plastic chairs for safety and a better view. We sat there in the middle of our lawn with our heads staring up at the wonder of lightening. It seemed every three seconds the sky was so bright back lighting the trees creating a strobe affect. I had never seen anything like it. The wind picked up around us, my hair whipped around my face, and I got shivers down my spine. The storm was growing closer.

One by one the trees vocally announced the wind had arrived with the massive brushing of the leaves. The thunder became more vocal and it seemed the sky was bright nonstop. I told Jared I was scared because I was. I stood up and hugged myself as I looked at the pitch black surroundings of my home. The trees howled and I felt on the scene of a scary movie. At any second someone was going to come out the woods and stab me. Jared just told me not to worry, we were fine and just to focus on the beautiful lights. So I just kept my eyes up and was not disappointed with the magnificent lightening show. I felt the first raindrop hit my head and we started to move back to our back deck. Unable to leave the wonder of the lightening show, we stood under our deck canopy for a few minutes as the rain started to pound louder and louder. By the time we got upstairs in bed and shut the lights off, the show was still magnificent and the sound of the rain was like a heard of cattle on our windows. The beautiful storm had finally hit us but the calm before the storm and the light show we got to enjoy was something I'll never forget.

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