Friday, August 26, 2016

Finally Made the Cut

My son is one and a half. I finally allowed his hair to be cut. And not just a bangs trim, an actual cut.

Gone went the baby hair. Gone went the curly-qs. Gone went the wispy bangs. Gone.

I had been putting it off for ages. I was determined to grow my sons hair long. I just love little boys with longish hair. Plus the curls… sigh… I just couldn’t bring myself to do it, until today.

I decided it needed to be done but not because my family kept giving me a hard time about it. Which, let’s face it, they did constantly. Nag, nag, nag - from both sides of the aisle. Every time we were on Skype with my mother-in-law, she’d bring it up the entire time. My dad was making fun of him to me constantly (but if you know my dad, he’s just a pain in the ass anyway so I didn’t take him seriously at all).

I decided it needed to be done but not because people were mistaking him for a girl. He’s got blue plaid shorts on and blue/black sneakers but yeah he’s a girl… WTF. Whenever in doubt shut your mouth. He is all boy; long hair or not.

I decided it needed to be done but not because it’s super hot outside and he’s been battling it all summer in his face. The thick hair on his neck and the bangs in his eyes making him super sweaty.

He needed it done because the other day, I was looking at his gorgeous curls and stroking his bangs back. I was watching him whip his hair around to get it out of his face. He was swatting his bangs out of his face. I knew at that moment, I needed to cut it because I was being a selfish mother. I wanted him to be a baby still. I wanted that longish boy hair do. I wasn’t ready to cut off those baby curls yet. But he was ready.

He is no longer a baby, he is a toddler; a little boy with an incredible personality, so much love, and lots of mischief. He’s got places to be and toys to play with. Always on the go and so much light in his eyes, he is definitely no longer a baby. It was time I stopped being selfish and got his hair cut. Now he can see and he doesn’t have to swat the hair out of his face. Now he’s even more all boy but my baby he’ll always be.

And I didn't cry until just now...

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