Monday, May 02, 2016

D'Amato Babes - The Originals!

I wrote this back in high school and it's a true story from my childhood. 

“Now all we have to do is think of a name for us,” I said enthusiastically.  My cousins and I started brainstorming together.  We were so excited.  We had decided to become a singing group.  My cousin Mel and I were 10 and Gina was 8.  The plan was to think of a name, write some songs, find a manager and start performing in about two years when we were older.

“How about the sparklers?” Gina asked.  She was a very hyper 8 year old.  With her thick, dark brown hair and eyes, her mouth was going a mile a minute.

“No, that’s stupid.  It has to be something really us,” Melanie added.  The total opposite of her sister being blonde haired and blue eyed; she was very bright and was taking the situation very seriously.

“I know what it can be!” I yelled enthusiastically, “how about the D’Amato Babes!”

“Yeah, that’s great,” Mel said and Gina agreed.  We had our name and now the next step was to find a manager.

“How about Connie?” Gina threw at us.  Connie was Mel and Gina’s babysitter.  She lived down the street from them and we all admired her.  We decided on her.

“I think we should have DJ help her.  He’s the coolest cousin we have,” I added.  Then it was settled.  Connie and DJ were going to be our managers.  We just hoped they would accept the job.

I declared myself the writer of the songs and right away I came up with our big hit.  It was called “Cool Down”.  Gina and I sang while Mel was too shy.  Then we decided it was time for our first performance.  My dad got out the video camera and he taped us.

“C-o-o-l D-o-w-n.  Cool down, cool down, cool down…,” I started singing.  Mel and Gina were in the background dancing and Gina would occasionally chime in with me.  She couldn’t remember the words and it was so funny.  After we sang the whole song, we started campaigning for our rock group.

“We’re the D’Amato Babes!  I’m Gina, this is Mel and this is Jessie.  We’re the hottest rock group ever!  Our managers are Connie and DJ,” Gina yelled into the camera. 

“Yeah, we’re the best!” Mel added.

“Better than Vanilla Ice, New Kids on the Block, and Michael Jackson.  Get ready to cool down!” I screamed.

We then started posing in all different ways.  My dad got this all on film.  Now seven years later, I can still remember everything from that day.  We were so exuberant.  Every once and a while I look back at those days and wish they never ended.

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Optimistic Existentialist said...

Ah I often do that as well...looking back on past days wishing they had not ended. But the beautiful thing is, we do have the memories.

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