Wednesday, May 04, 2016

A Reminder to My Husband on the Upcoming Mother’s Day

Ahh Mother’s Day! The one day of the year when moms unite and rejoice! We enjoy the sappy praise from all around and lounge in the luxury that is a “me” day. But not me…

I don’t need a day. I don’t want a day. Want to hear something scandalous? I know I’m a good mom. I don’t need for my husband and kiddos to tell me that or show me that. And here is what else I don’t want:

  1. I don’t want to can’t sleep in. When my kids are up, I’m up. Even if my husband tries to let me sleep, it doesn’t happen. I can’t go back to sleep and my children know where to find me and do. Just don’t bother. I’m up. I don’t need to sleep in.
  2. Don’t make me breakfast in bed. Yeah we have that fancy memory foam bed where they show you a glass of wine on one side and a person jumping on the other. Don’t care. You know that shit is going to spill if you bring me food in bed because I’m a total klutz. The last thing I want to do is clean an entire bed from food spillage or burn myself from coffee spillage.
  3. I don’t want someone who is going to take my kids away and give me ‘me’ time. I don’t want me time! I want time to spend with my kids. Time that I’m not cleaning up, or working, or telling them I don’t have time to play. I want that time to play on Mother’s Day. I don’t care if I spend the entire day making cupcakes out of Play-Doh, castles out of Lego, or chasing a toddler around the yard. Mother’s Day to me is having a day to just be a mom for the fun stuff and not the practical stuff.
  4. I don’t want someone to do the diapers. I can change my kids butt. Even on Mother’s Day! (gasp!) Just because it’s Mother’s Day doesn’t mean I’m incapable or unwilling to help my kid be clean. It’s just a diaper. Seriously.
  5. Don’t buy me a gift. My children are my gift. Having a free day with them is a gift. Make my breakfast, have the kids make me a card, and be done with it. Don’t waste money on something that is symbolic of motherhood. My kids are gift enough and they are the best gift ever.
  6. I refuse to go to a restaurant. The last thing I want to do is try to control a toddler at a restaurant and not enjoy myself a bit. I want to stay home or have a picnic at the beach. Please don’t take me to brunch or anything. Fast food drive thru is enough for me!

So in summary, my dream mother’s day is to be messy and hectic and rule less and fun. I want to read books with my children, run around with them outside, do crafts, and have ice cream for lunch. I want to just play. I want to just be a mom.

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