Thursday, April 21, 2016

I'm THE Boss

Lyla: Mom, where are you?!

Me: Right here…

Lyla: Are you kidding me?! Are you down stairs drinking your coffee???!!!!

Me: (cowering) Yes

Lyla: What!! I’m SO mad at you! You just left me up here with my brother and you’re drinking coffee!

Me: Well, you were playing so nice I didn’t want to interrupt you.

Lyla: Interrupt! You can’t just leave me with him to drink your coffee! (stomping down the stairs)

Me: It will be quick, I promise. Just wanted to drink it in peace while you were playing. Can you go back up with him for two more minutes so I can finish?

Lyla: WHAT! You have 300 sips left! It’s going to take forever!

Me: Nah, I’ll drink fast. Please?

Lyla: No way! YOU’RE the mom! I’m just the kid! He’s YOUR baby. You’re in charge. You are the boss! Not me! He’s not MY baby!

Me: I’m the boss?

Lyla: YES! You are the grownup and you’re the boss! You have to watch your kids!

Me: Really? Crap…

Lyla: UGH!!! (getting really antsy now). Mommy! He is your baby! You are the boss!

Me: Okay okay. So later today when I’m telling to do something, remember that, I’m the boss. Okay?

Lyla: (she rolls her eyes, stomps back up the stairs regretting the reminder she just gave me)

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