Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Wacky Kindergarten Poem

Yes, I stay up until midnight writing wacky poems like this. So whenever I complain how tired I am, tell me to quit the silly poem writing at midnight.

This perfectly captures what has gone on the past few days at my house.


A Wacky Kindergarten Poem
‘Twas the day before kindergarten and all through the home
Not one edible thing found wherever eyes roam

No candy no chocolate no carbs no ice cream
The momma was eating her feelings it may seem

She could feel all the pimples getting ready to start
But she didn’t care, her little girl, her love, her heart

Just one more bite she had to insist
But she had ate it all and got really pissed

The backpack is set, the clothes and shoes are fine
The little girl excited, the momma needing more wine

But what oh what is the mom going to wear
On the day she meets all the other moms out there

It really won’t matter because nothing fits
Stress and binge eating is most definitely the pits

Jeans, too tight, shirt too small has to go
If only she’d dropped her baby weight 6 months ago

Ooh the Little Mermaid tee, how about this
Crap she’s a ma’am and no longer a miss

What do grownups wear on occasions like these
She doesn’t really associate with old folks if you please

But oh dear she is the same ripe old age
She’s starting to get light-headed now with this stage

Her baby is starting full day school
It’s almost time to close the pool

Summer is over and it went by in a flash
In the blink of an eye, the bat of an eyelash

Now she’s got to find something suitable for herself
All these childish clothes need to go on a shelf

The time has come to admit who she is
A mom of a school-aged girl, a bright little whiz

It doesn’t matter what momma wears this first day
She needs to put the food down and just say

She’s proud of her little schoolgirl to be
Mom will look fine and girl too just wait and see

Now dad has to go shopping cause mom ate it all
And there will be lots of exercising this fall

And maybe next year when kids start at the bus stop
Instead of stress eating, this momma will just binge shop

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