Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I'm Pretty Sure I Met My Son Yesterday for the First Time

Yesterday at my routine Non Stress Test or NST, they checked my fluid as per usual. This is a simple sonogram where the do some measurements but lucky for me, I get to see the little baby wandering around in my belly while they do so.

It never gets old watching a baby inside of you during an ultrasound. First of all, the sheer technology that lets you see inside is amazing. And then there is the miracle that is life happening literally right in front of your eyes. To see a little baby that you and your loved one created, floating inside of your belly, alive, is just incredible. Words cannot describe it.

So yesterday, I was doing my usual fluid check and there was the boy. The nurse stopped over his face and he froze. He stopped moving and stared up at us. It was about 15 seconds of him just stopping all movement and looking directly at me on the monitor. 15 seconds of him gazing into my eyes and me into his. The nurse was mesmerized. She had never seen anything like it. Time stood still as me and this little boy were in an indirect eye lock through a monitor. I clearly saw his face, the shape of it, the eyes, and his little mouth moving as if to say "hi!". By far one of the coolest things I've ever seen. My first thought was his facial shape is similar to Lyla and his eyes are so bright.

I am so grateful I got to "meet" my son yesterday. It was one of the coolest things besides actually meeting him in person.

Here he is (photo does not do it justice!):

A few more weeks before we officially meet him!

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