Tuesday, March 04, 2014

#Moms4Moms Day: Let's Love More & Judge Less

I've been following CTWorkingMoms.com for a while now. When I have time to skim their many blog posts for things that interest me, I never disappointed. I even guest posted a while back for them. It's really nice to hear from other moms who are in a lot of the same positions as me.

Today, these moms along with TheBump.com, have declared to be Moms4Moms Day - A day to embrace judgement free motherhood (Gov. Malloy in CT actually declared this a day too!). I love this concept because I will admit I have judged and have been judged.

I have judged - A few of my Momfessions:

  1. Yes, if you've brought your child to the library for story time in their pajamas because you didn't feel like dressing them or arguing with them about getting dressed, I have judged you.
  2. If you give your child soda, yes I have judged you.
  3. If you have your child out at the mall past 8pm, yup, I've judged you.
I have been judged:
  1. I'm a working mom. So every time I am out at a day time event with my daughter, I'm on the phone a lot - checking emails, responding, etc. I'm not texting friends or scrolling through Facebook. Stop judging me.
  2. I don't like to gossip about my child and other children or moms. Don't judge me because I keep to myself rather than trash talking.
  3. I have one child so far, but don't judge me assuming I don't want more.
Ever since the last campaign CTWorkingMoms.com did their last campaign about judgement free motherhood, I have tried to be aware of it. Every time I thought about judging a mother in my head, I stopped and thought about it. 

Every mom does what's best for their child - in their eyes. Every mom is different. Everyone makes mistakes - including me.

So today, help us celebrate Moms4Moms Day. Let's love more and judge less.

Or in my wise words of wisdom, Stop Judging and Eat More Hot Fudge Sundaes. Because I do know from experience hot fudge sundaes always make you feel better. Yum!

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