Sunday, February 23, 2014

Adventures with my Sister - the Bride

My sister is getting married in August. So don't mind me while I humor her.

I was supposed to go to Cincinnati this weekend for work but due to weather, my flight was canceled and I couldn't go to my event. I was at my mom's house already as Lyla was staying there for the weekend so I decided to stay for a night and do work from her house rather than mine.

So my bride-to-be sister pretty much set up an entire makeover for me. And now I look like a Barbie (minus the size zero waste).

First it was highlights but they are a lot blonder than I anticipated.

Then it was a spray tan. Now, I only did this because it was free, and figured I'd see how it worked because if I'm not tan for her wedding, I'll probably have to go this route.

During said tanning expedition, I laughed hysterically while being sprayed so I have white lines on my face creases (see below). And I didn't take off my jewelry so I have white ring marks.

All in all, instead of going to Cincy for the weekend, I came home:

- A blonde
- Orange
- Spotted

I'd say it was a productive weekend...

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