Tuesday, January 21, 2014

He is Unfair!

Today is Tuesday, I think. But I'm not sure because I'm sick, again. I could feel it coming on last night. I started complaining around 5pm and then by 10pm I was miserable. Inevitably I will be sick this week and then Lyla will get it over the weekend. Fun times!

Last night around 3am Lyla woke up as per her usual routine these last few months (Lord help me!). I could barely stand I was so not feeling well. She was crying for me so I went. She calmed down so I went back to sleep. Five minutes later she cried for me again. This went on for about 20 minutes. Finally I went in there with a hoarse voice, staggering as if I was drunk and I knelt down. I tried to have this practical conversation with my three year old at 3:30 am:

Lyla, mommy doesn't feel really well so I need to go back to sleep, okay. Can you do me a favor and go back to sleep? I would be really grateful if you could stop yelling for me. I love you so much and you're okay but please for the love of God can I sleep? I feel like death. Oh wait, I didn't just say that. Never mind that. I'll do anything. Can I put on your music, rub your back for a few minutes?

Finally she looked at me and said, Fine! Please leave my room, I'm going to sleep now in my bed and you need to go to yours. (Just one of the snotty lines she's been feeding me since her attitude got a little too big for her.)

I took my cue and went to bed. Five minutes later, she comes strolling into my room pouting, Momma can I come in your bed? I said no and woke up Jared because again, I felt like death. He says, no use in trying to talk to her, you can sleep with us Lyla. To quote the Pigeon - Hubba-What!!??

Seriously husband?

I spent from 11:30 - 1am dealing with her because she didn't want to sleep. Then I got up again at 3am because again she was scared. Even though I was feeling like total shit. But it's okay for you to not want to get out of bed and say she sleep with us, after all that!

And by sleeping with us that means she's on my pillow, half on top of me, and I'm half off the bed. I love my child and love cuddling with her but I can't sleep in bed with her. We never allow it. But my unfair husband gave in last night. We are screwed now. Thanks Jared...

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