Thursday, January 16, 2014


Do you ever feel inadequate? I've been looking at numbers on a spreadsheet all day and I do feel so inadequate. I suck a math, numbers, budgets, etc. Really. I suck at it. I know my strengths and weaknesses. That is one of them! I do feel incredibly inadequate when I'm doing this part of my job.

Now I don't talk about work much on here because I try to keep this personal. But I do have an important job at a now large company. In fact, I'm the only person in the entire world that does exactly what I do. Cool, eh? No seriously. My company is the only one who does events that we do and I organize them and many other things. Therefore it's true, no one else in the world does what I do. I take pride in that but it also freaks me out. I have to be good at what I do and I do enjoy it. Except the numbers part.

I actually have 339 people following me on Twitter - which blows my mind. That is not a LOT of people but more than 1 I consider a lot! But again, whenever I open up the spreadsheet and look at the numbers I feel so inadequate. It doesn't matter that I know I'm good at my job. It doesn't matter that my skills get me by with my budgets. I'm not that stupid but I do wish I had a bit more skill and know how when it came to numbers. And go figure, I work with some of the best mathematical minds in the world! I should totally crowdsource my budgets!

In event, this is how I'm feeling today. Now I should get back to my spreadsheets. They are beckoning me. Fun times!

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