Friday, February 08, 2013

Dame Julie Andrews and Me

No photos but I got the book signed, yay!
I was beyond blessed to meet the one and only Dame Julie Andrews last night.  (omg, holy shit, whoohoo!) I'm still a bit giddy over it to be honest.

I heard that a local bookstore was having her in to do a book signing for her new children's book; The Very Fairy Princess collection. I bought the book and reserved my spot and my mom and grandmother did the same.

Lyla and I talked about it all week how she was going to meet Mary Poppins.  She was so excited!  I actually went out and bought her a princess dress (damn I didn't take a photo!) and new sparkle shoes to wear.  Yesterday was beyond hectic.  Here's why:

I left on an 8am train for NYC for a meeting.  Caught the 3:30 train back to Old Saybrook.  Met Jared at Subway with Lyla (he had picked her up from school, showered her thankfully).  In the Subway bathroom I stripped off my business suit and put on normal clothes. Fed Lyla fast, drove to Madison's RJ Julia and got Lyla dressed in her adorable outfit in the car.  Phew.  It was hectic!

There was a huge line out the door but I had called the store the day before to ask about it as I was going to have my 90 year old grandmother with me.  We were allowed to wait in the store and skip most of the line.  Yay for us but I'm sorry to those who were outside for so long!

We waited in line in the store for about 40 minutes but it wasn't too bad.  Lyla kept every one entertained saying she was meeting Mary Poppins.  When the line started to move, I was beyond excited.  Well I had been excited all week but this was it.  I was totally bummed when they said we couldn't use cameras of any kind but oh well...

When it was our turn, they were very strict, friendly but strict.  You couldn't even see her until you were escorted down.  And there she sat!  The most beautiful, talented woman on earth - for real!  She was gorgeous.  More beautiful than on television and even at her age.  I was in awe.

I said to Lyla, that is the lady that played Mary Poppins and Lyla was unsure.  Ms. Andrews said oh that was a long time ago.  Don't look like that anymore! I told her no, she looked amazing!

But they were all focused on Lyla.  She talked to Lyla, complimented her, asked her questions and my darling daughter stood there looking down playing shy.  Ugh!  Julie Andrews loved my daughter though!  We probably got more time in line than anyone because they were marveling at her princess shoes, her dress, her red hair and it was so sweet.

Lyla eventually walked to a big chair and sat on it like it was her throne and they cracked up.  I took this as my cue to totally embarrass myself with a slew of crazy person talk (really fast mind you):  I am a huge fan. This is so amazing for me to meet you. It's an honor.  My daughter sings all of your songs and I recorded her singing and just a few weeks ago I tried to find a way to send you an adorable video I thought you'd appreciate it. But then I heard about this event and I was so excited I could actually meet you. 

My eyes nearly teared up.  I know, I'm a freak.

Then my grandmother went off chatting about singing and such and the guys in charge started rolling their eyes because we had taken too much time.  My mom eventually almost pulled my gram away and after Lyla gave a princess wave to Ms. Andrews we started walking away.  Then she proceeded to ask, when are we going to see Mary Poppins?  We laughed and laughed.

My whole entire  year was made. Thank you Julie Andrews!

One regret though...and I feel like a total dumbass, I totally forgot to tell her we love her books!  The whole reason we were there! lol

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