Friday, January 25, 2013

Things That Happened to me Today

It's Friday, thank the LORD!

This week has been chaos.  My sister sent this to me yesterday and I felt like this every day pretty much.

Wednesday night I didn't sleep at all.  Zero.

Last night I slept but was up at 3:30 this morning and got right to work.

It's now 1:40 and I'm exhausted to say the least.

So today this has been my day and remember it's only 1:40.

3:10ish:  Lyla woke up screaming for me.  Something she does often when she has a nightmare.  She was completely awake so I had her pee and then go back to sleep. Me not so much. I was WIDE awake.
3:30: I decided to go downstairs and start work.
5:00: I got on the treadmill for my work out.
5:40:  Lyla is at the top of the basement stairs screaming bloody murder for me which thankfully I could hear through my head phones.  How husband slept through her waking up, screaming for me, etc is beyond me.  And to think I bitched at him last night for being able to exercise whenever he wants cause I'm always watching Lyla.  He always told me to get up early and work out while she's sleeping.  Okay so I did that today and she was still up wanting me.  WTF!  Okay, kidding, the fact the my child adores me is awesome so I don't mind, ever.
5:45: Lyla is on the couch watching Barney so I can finish my work out.
6:00: I'm in the kitchen playing Susie Homemaker making home made breakfast burritos; eggs, peppers, onions, tomatoes, cheese, yum.  
6:30: Jared finally wakes up and comes down and pretty much grossed out at the sight of me eating onions and peppers so early in the morning. He declines a sandwich - his loss...
7:30: Alternately working and getting ready, showered etc.
9:30:  Hit the pharmacy to pick up my prescription and an envelope plus bubble bath. I got everything but the envelope.  FAIL.
10:00:  We're at the library.  Lyla plays and I work.
11:15:  Leave the library because middle school had a half day and I thought it better to not hear all their potty mouths with my child.
11:16:  In the car and Lyla falls asleep.  Called that one. She was exhausted but who am I kidding, I was too!
11:30:  Arrive at Starbucks drive thru for latte and park.  Lyla is still out so I whip out my laptop and work in the car with the free wifi.  Thanks Starbucks!
12:20:  Lyla wakes up and we hit up McDonald's for lunch.  Yes, I'm a great mom...
1:30:  Arrive back home.  Lyla is watching little Einsteins, and I'm sitting her with my eyes half closed trying to work wondering if it's time for bed yet.

Only 7 more hours to go...

Oh and I have a nasty rash or acne on my face.  Fucking wonderful.  Never had zits, ever and now I get them in my 30s.  WTF.  I need a dermatologist stat.  Pimples are just gross...

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