Saturday, December 22, 2012

So We Bought a Tree...

Christmas would not be the same without another Christmas tree saga story...

So I present to you another fun Christmas tree shopping saga story with the Ford family.

We finally found the tree farm we liked but I decided to make us buy local instead.  There is a farm down the road from our house that sells trees and it's pretty small.  But I felt it would be nice to support them.  Trees were $35 for anyone we wanted.

Happily we got out of the car, found the tree pretty fast, and Lyla didn't cry!  She had fun actually as opposed to last year!

We threw the tree on the roof and made the 10 minute drive home.  The tree sat outside for a day until we had the time to put it in the house.  Upon grabbing it the next day with the first time without gloves, I realized our mistake.  We had bought the prickly tree!  I could not touch it without gloves on.  It hurt like a beotch!  After putting the tree in the stand I donned my gloves to start putting lights on it.  Well it started falling over.  We tried our best to fix the tree but to no avail could we get it straight so we ended up with a crooked tree.  Oh well!

After spending the day struggling with the prickly branches, wearing gloves, and trying my best to decorate the crooked tree, my hands and arms were red with rash and itchy.  It was good times, let me tell you.  I thought I was going to lose my mind with the itching!

So we ended up with a prickly, crooked yet pretty tree.  Can't wait to see what happens next year.  And I have to remember to actually touch the tree before we buy it next time!

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