Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I am Thankful: For Work

I am thankful for so many things.  And to show my gratitude to the inventors of Thanksgiving, I will post every day during November to share all I'm thankful for.  We should be thankful for what we have every day of our lives and I'm hoping my posts will inspire you to do the same!

Every day that I get to wake up and start work is a blessing.  There are two reasons for this:


Money.  We all need money to live.  I am grateful I have a job so I can earn money for my family and we can survive, live, and prosper.  It may suck ass some days that I just want to stay in bed or just play with my girl but I'm always reminded that if I want to own a bed or a house for that matter, I have to work hard to keep it.  It's a simple fact and one we all must deal with.


My job/company truly appreciates me.  Not only do the pay me well but they trust me, respect me, encourage me, invest in me, and reward me.  Not many people can say the same about their jobs/employers. I am truly lucky. I see some people (aka my husband) suffer with this all the time and I can't say anything to help him.  Finding a company who truly makes working a joy (most of the time) is no easy feat.

I may grumble a lot about wanting to be a stay at home mom but I'm lucky that I have a job that is good and rewarding.  And I can work from home. And I get 2 days with Lyla a week.  And they are flexible with my schedule. I basically work whenever I want.

I am thankful for my job.

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