Friday, September 21, 2012

Thank you

I am so humbled with the responses I received from my post yesterday - from the comments and personal emails.  Every one of them made me cry!  In a good way!

We have a our good times and bad times but alas we must go on.  Thank you for all your advice and virtual hugs. I feel much better.

I've been doing a reward system with Lyla at night and if she is dry when she wakes up, she gets a sticker.  It's all she talks about and she's been dry at night for over a week.  I did the same thing at school yesterday.  We went to the store first thing and she picked out stickers.  I told her if she didn't have an accident at school she could have one when I picked her up.  She was good so she got that sticker.  She asked for it right when she saw me!

I'm hoping the sticker rewards will work for now but I'll keep you updated.  As for school, I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet. I know she likes going but I guess there is a selfish side of me wanting to keep her home but we'll sort it out.

Thanks again for all your comments and words, it means a lot.  My day was better because I know you cared.

Now I just need to de-stress, get through this month and hopefully life will slow down!  Pray for me! :)

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