Monday, August 13, 2012

It Could Have Happened...

Last week I had a heart attack - not literally but my heart was attacked.  To quote an awesome song...

While Jared was away, my iMac crashed.  It was just black and I couldn't get it to work.  I didn't think much of it and figured Jared would fix it when he came home.

No dice.

He called Apple and they needed to look at it so he brought it to a Mac repair store.  That night, he said it was backed up but he wasn't sure if it worked.

There wasn't even a second of hesitation, the tears literally came streaming down my face.  Lyla was eating dinner, Jared was cooking, and I was standing at the counter crying, no sobbing.  The more I thought about the things I had on my hard drive the harder I cried.  

All my photos, all of them.
My writing from the last 15 years.
My projects I've created.
The letters I've been writing to Lyla since she was a plus sign on the EPT test.
The lot

All of it.

Lyla was getting worried so I went into the dining room and literally collapsed on the floor hyperventilating at the thought of the loss.  On my hands and knees, Jared came over to rub my back and said he did all he could and it should work but he wasn't 100%.  He felt awful, naturally.

I could not calm down. My hysterical fit lasted about 25 minutes.  I was resigned to wait for the outcome but I couldn't help feeling it was over - it was all gone.  I thought and thought about it and just knew it was gone.

They were able to fix my computer and when Jared brought it home, he plugged in the back up to restore my Mac.  It was Friday morning and he should have been at work but he knew how worried I was.  Bad news, he couldn't find it.  My folders were there but nothing was in them.  He looked like he was going to cry because of my first reaction to the thought of losing everything.  I was so sad I had no reaction.

He took the back up and the Mac back to the guys who fixed it and left it in their hands hoping for a miracle.  All day I waited on pins and needles wondering what was going to happen. Was my life erased or did I have it still? My only saving grace was the writing and photos I had on my blog. I'd have something...

The phone call finally came in, they had found it.  It was there, all backed up. I was okay. I was whole.  A huge weight was lifted off of my shoulders and I felt liberated.  It could have happened but it didn't.  I could have lost everything but luckily my husband backs up and even though he couldn't find it, it was there.

My life on my Mac is irreplaceable.  I would have never had those items again.  Now I know to cherish them always.  And keep the most important files on a thumb drive in my purse at all times!

In any event, I calmed down and just hugged my hubby.

Do you back up?  You should...

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