Monday, August 13, 2012

Currently Loving

20 reasons I'm currently SO in love with my daughter (but she's so cute, do I really need a reason?!)

  1. If I accidentally scratch her or pull her hair, whatever, she says "I'm sorry!".  So don't hurt my child or she'll apologize for you...
  2. She loves to hold your hand and pull you where she wants to go. "Mommy come sit here next to me?", "Wanna come upstairs to my room?", "Let's go this way."
  3. Every night she says her prayer all by herself and most of the time it includes the most random people who she has just seen.  But she never forgets her new kitty, Olly.
  4. I love how she shakes her pointer finger and repeats all her rules to people.  "No jumping on the bed!", "Get off the big girl bed, you go in the crib!", "No picking up Olly!", "No jumping on the stairs, you get a big boo boo", "We do nice", "We color on the paper!  No crayons on the floor."
  5. I love how she repeats the things I say a long time after I say them only one time.  She's got quite the memory. "I look beautiful, not pretty, beautiful!"
  6. She loves to say these phrases just for fun but never means them.  "I'm tired." "I'm hungry." "I'm stinky."
  7. She has this new cranky, unfriendly face she always gives to strangers which is not a bad thing but I really despise the look.  I tell her she has to be friendly and smile.  So when I see the look I give my own disapproving look and she says, "We be friendly, cheese!" and smiles.
  8. Every morning she asks for cookies for breakfast.
  9. She now has to get dressed "all by myself", go potty "all by myself", clean up "all by myself", read a book "all by myself".
  10. I love how after every thing we do that is fun she will say, "again".
  11. I love that she adores horseys and we must stop and see them on our road every day to say hi.
  12. That she asks to watch gymnastics on TV every day.
  13. She likes to play the game memory and every match she makes her eyes look like it's Christmas morning.
  14. Every song on the radio she says, "I like this song."  But she won't let me sing or dance with her.  She says, "I wanna do it!"
  15. I love that we can watch movies like Mary Poppins together and spend weeks afterwards still talking about it and singing the songs.
  16. I love that every morning I give her a run down of our day and then she repeats it for me... "and then we're going to go to school, and then we're going to come home, and then we're going to have dinner, and then we're going to have a bath..."
  17. I love when she gets all spunky and acts like a maniac - she gets too excited!
  18. I love how any thing that resembles the size of a phone, she puts it to her ear and says hello.  My tic tac container, the puzzle box, etc.
  19. I love that if we're having a fit, I take Lyla aside and tell her we're going to talk.  She sits on my lap, calms down and we look face to face and sort it out.  She listens while I talk and she gets it.  Then we nose kiss and all is better.  
  20. I love that after she goes potty and we're with other people she leaves the bathroom with a big grin boasting, "I did peepee on the potty!"
I love so many things about my little girl.  She's a little lady nowadays and it's amazing watching her grow.

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