Sunday, March 25, 2012

Southampton Surprise Weekend

Jared and I just got back from a lovely weekend in Southampton on Long Island.  We were in desperate need of some grown up time just the two of us. Jared booked the whole thing for me as a surprise.  Something he's gotten really good at doing. All I knew was it was somewhere on Long Island and that's it!

Thursday night I met my parents and dropped off the child.  I was going to miss her but knew she'd have a blast with her grandparents for the weekend.  Then Friday morning, bright and early we were on the road.

On the way we stopped at this great mall which was enormous!  I definitely want to go back and really shop.  I noticed there that my favorite store EVER had come to the USA!  I was so much in awe I couldn't find one thing to buy - I wanted it all!  

We had a bite to eat there and then set off for the beach!  It was an incredibly gorgeous day - almost 80 degrees!

Look at all the flowers in bloom already!

I actually put my feet in the water. It was cold for sure!

We took a walk on the beach and got very corny as I wrote a message in the sand for my hubby.

Then it was onward and upward!  We drove a bit further into Long Island and stopped in Southampton at this gorgeous inn, A Butler's Manor.  The owners met us, grabbed our bags, and gave us a tour of the property.  It was so quaint and we felt very welcome.  Chris and Kim at the inn were so friendly.  We really enjoyed their company and the place.  It felt like a nice home away from home.

We got up to our room and were greeted with champagne and chocolates (we had already downed and eaten them before I took a photo!)

Our welcome

Our lovely room

They had everything!  I didn't need to have brought a thing!

Check out these photos - signed by a C. Haas.  My good friend is C. Haas and thought she'd like that!

I wasn't sure what we had planned as everything was a surprise but we sat in our room and rested for a bit and then went off to dinner. Our inn was in walking distance to town and to the restaurant Jared had planned for the evening.  After a few glasses of wine, the champagne, and a shower, I was ready to go!  I hobbled along with Jared to the restaurant and was a bit too happy when we arrived.  

Our first meal was at the Red Bar Brasserie.  We really lucked out because in Southampton it was restaurant week.  Most of the nice places were offering a three course prex-fixe menu for $25 per person.  I had a nice goat cheese salad - YUM, sea bass, and a banana tart thing.   The meal was just okay.  But it was a good night and by the end of it, I was a bit sloshed - okay a lot sloshed!

My warm goat cheese salad.

The complimentary aperitif for our special day.

Baked Alaska!

Banana tart that was amazing.

After dinner, we walked to a pub and had another drink and by the time we were done, I was toast - and it was only 8:30pm!  We felt like total losers but we were tired.

Jared walked me back to the inn and I had had way too much to drink but I felt great!  It was a good day/night.

The next day I had no idea what was happening.  Jared said he had a surprise planned but wouldn't share. I was getting so mad at him! 

We went down for breakfast and were greeted with fresh squeezed OJ, tea, coffee, carrot cake muffins, a spinach and gruyere omelet, and fresh fruit. It was all delicious!

Finally I made Jared tell me what we were doing so I could dress appropriately.  He was taking me horse back riding on the beach! How romantic! 

We drove to Montauk and Deep Hollow Ranch and got ready to ride!

It was almost 3,000 acres and they had 60 horses!

So pretty!

This was my horse, Revolver. 

I looked like a total geek!  But it was only 55 degrees and windy.  My ears were cold!

Pretending I know what I'm doing.

Jared on Scooter

This town ain't big enough for the two of us!


Loving Revolver

On the beach!

The horse back riding was amazing. I had a blast!  Our guide was so incredibly nice and friendly and it was just the three of us.  We got saddled up and at first I was terrified!  I had only ridden a pony back when I studied abroad in England and we did an excursion to Wales.  This horse was huge!  I felt like I needed a seat belt!

The first part of the journey I was so tense and so nervous.  I was in control of this huge animal and I had to not fall off!  Revolver was a great horse, thankfully.  I finally relaxed and was able to feel his rhythm.  I was a natural by the time we got to the beach.  The views and the stroll was amazing.  We had so much fun.  Then on the way back we had the horses start trotting a bit and I loved it!  Jared on the other hand, not so much.  He kept complaining about his man parts slapping around.  Me and the guide were cracking up!  It was so funny I almost fell off the horse laughing at him.

We made it back and got our legs back - though we're pretty sore now for sure!  But it was such a romantic thing and it was just perfect.

After the horses we went and saw the Montauk light house.  


Then we stopped for a few burgers on the way back to the Inn.  We had dinner reservations and wanted to get some rest beforehand.

At the inn we sat downstairs in the living room by the fire and read.  It was so comfortable and I can't remember since before Lyla every sitting quietly for a few hours and just reading. It was lovely.

By the time we got ready for dinner and headed out, we were both still full from lunch but trekked on nevertheless!

We had a reservation at Tuscan House.  Again we got to take part in the prix-fixe menu thankfully cause this place was pricey!

We had an okay meal complete with a huge flute of champagne!


I love that they had tulips already in bloom!

We were a bit disappointed with the food but we are so spoiled when it comes to good food.  But it was a great night out and we were so full afterwards it was ridiculous.  We took a quick walk and looked at some real estate pictures in a window.  I was convinced this was the house from that show Revenge I'm obsessed with.  I cannot believe the cost of this sucker!


After dinner and our walk, we went back to the inn.  It was a great day/night and we were tired.

The next morning we got up to another great breakfast at the inn!  Blueberry muffins, creme brulee french toast, fresh fruit, etc.  It was so yummy!  Then we had to pack up as it was time to go.

We made our way to the local beach in Southampton and almost died when we saw the mansions, everywhere. I know the Hamptons are a pretty elite place but to see it in person is, wow, I'm speechless.  In fact, it was a bit ridiculous.  I mean to have so much money, such huge homes, I can't even fathom it.  We drove all the way down the beach road and our jaws were just dropped the entire time. Each home bigger and crazier than the next.  Insanity!

This was one of the smaller ones...

We headed back home and on the way we stopped in the city for a late lunch at Pomme Frittes - yum!  Just french fries and amazing dips.  Perfect!

Then we hit up one of our fav ice cream joints, Big Gay Ice cream.  I love that place!

We met my parents to grab our kid back and she screamed the whole way home - a nice reminder of the real world and a very friendly welcome back!  But all in all we had a great time.  We are still so full and I vow not to eat again until Wednesday so we'll see how that goes.

I am truly grateful to my wonderful husband for arranging it all.

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