Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Hunger Games and What I think about it...

In my new program at work, I'm trying to relate to the younger crowd so when this movie/book (The Hunger Games) became such a hit, I had to read it.  

For the record, book fads like this, I mostly never take part in.  So no I never read the Harry Potter books (I know, don't freak out, I am a huge book lover but refused to get sucked in) and I didn't read the Twilight Saga either.  But this one intrigued me so I decided to read it.

I ordered it last week before we went on our mini vacation so I could take it with me.  A friend warned me that it would suck me in and boy it did!

I sat down at our inn on late Saturday afternoon and Jared almost had to drag me out to dinner 100 pages in.  After we got back to our room I went back to the book and finished it (totally romantic evening, right?).  Just after midnight I was finished.  

But it's not that the book was so good, it was very well written.  Chapters didn't end, they just carried on and on so you couldn't end at a chapter and continue the next time, as it always left you hanging.

Overall the story was very unique and that definitely gave it an edge.  No vampires (thankfully!), no sappy romance story, just a good, creative idea - I totally give the author Suzanne Collins credit for that.  These days having such an out of the box idea is hard to do.

But this brings me to my next point, why on earth would we want to read/see something like this?!  Young kids killing each other?  It's sick actually.  And even weirder that our society enjoys it so much that the book and movie are so popular!

In any event here are my last thoughts:
  1. Anything to get our younger generation to read more, rocks.
  2. Movies based on books that keep the book true, are awesome (granted I've not seen the film but plan to soon and I've heard good things).
  3. I will definitely be reading book 2 and 3!
Did you read it?  Thoughts?

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christina said...

First - WHAT? you never read Harry Potter? Seriously, we need to talk. I too, vowed not to give in. Jessie, you simply must. I mean it.

Now, the whole Twilight thing, no thanks - no interest. I also didn't have any interest in the Hunger Games, but then I saw more and more people posting about it, you know, people our age, and I too was intrigued. I read all 3 last week. I loved them as well.

For our date night last week I dragged Alex to the movie :)

But seriously, you do need to read Harry Potter. I mean it. The story is pretty amazing.

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