Tuesday, February 21, 2012

#1: Become more fit and healthier

Lent is on.

So I have decided to go all out.  That detox plan I did last summer where I lost almost 20 ellbees is back on.  I need to get healthy and more fit and this is the only way I know how it can work.  But I've been weak lately. So here are steps I'm taking to make this work.
  1. I've made a list of foods I CAN eat and a smaller list of foods I CAN NOT eat. I've posted it on my fridge, in my cabinet, and on my desk.
  2. I have officially gorged myself these last few days to make up for the food I'm not going to be eating - ice cream, cookies, and bread oh my!
  3. I'm not going to make insane goals or put too much pressure on myself.  
  4. Four days a week on the treadmill, for now.
I have never failed a Lent goal before so I feel this is a good way to get back on the wagon.  If I can make it through Lent (which I can, I'm in good shape - literally!).

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