Thursday, April 21, 2011

The One and Only Environment

Earth day is right around the corner and reading this article really saddens me.  A year ago, I was devastated at the gulf coast oil spill.  I don't work with animals, the environment, anything, so I had nothing to really offer other than prayers that they would fix it as soon as possible.  Seeing the images and stories about the animals who were dying, the people who's businesses were lost, etc really broke my heart.  Man has indeed ruined the environment - especially down there.

But what really gets me is why is no one helping these people?  So many were affected, and I'm not even talking about the environment any more; just Americans trying to live.  Why is the government not helping them?  Granted I don't read the news daily because it's just depressing - always.  But I wish I could do something.  Does anyone feel the same?  Can we get together and help?

I try to do my part on a daily basis to help the environment.  I use reusable bags, I recycle, I don't drive to work every day, we have solar panels on our roof, energy saving appliances, and we have a garden where we grow our own produce.  But I'd like to do more.  If only there were more hours in the day.  

What are you doing for the environment on a daily basis?

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