Friday, February 04, 2011

New Diaper Bag Please

I'm in need of a new diaper bag.  I have three but none of them suit my needs which is very frustrating!  To make matters worse, a certain husband lost the changing pad I use with each bag.

I don't want to buy one online without seeing it in person but all the stores I've been to have nothing good.  Does anyone have any recommendations?

I have this one and used it at first when Lyla was first born.  But it was too small overall.

Then I tried this out one that I received as a gift.  I have the green one featured below and it's gorgeous.  The only thing is it's too big.  If I have everything I need for Lyla in here it takes a lot of rummaging around to find one thing.  Drives me bonkers!  This is the bag I've been using lately, especially for travelling and I love that it fits everything but when my daughter is screaming and for the love of God I can't find her snack ball, ACK!!!

Totally Totes by Julie

The best bag I've had I found at my mom's tag sale - go figure!  My sister had bought a great bag at Old Navy only to find out it was a diaper bag and not good for her needs.  She was just getting rid of it and I snagged it right up!  I love it but it's just too small.  Never a happy medium!

So you can sense my frustration!  So I'm in need people.  

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