Friday, February 11, 2011

Finally Friday...Detox Baby, Detox!

I'm so grateful it's Friday today.  Or course it sucks that I'm pretty sure I'm getting sick.  And I have SO much work to do today in addition to a few errands AND clean my house for company tonight.  So I changed my mind...not too happy it's Friday after all.

It's also day 5 of the new me (yes I have said this before and failed miserably but I mean it this time!).  The new me gets up at 5 am and spends an hour on Ginny, then get right to work before the babe wakes up, and I am watching everything I eat.  I'm limiting myself to a certain amount of calories per day.  It feels great to be up early and get my calories worked off first thing.  It also feels great to know I'm making a whole lifestyle change as opposed to just losing weight.  So am I dieting?  No, I'm remaking myself.  Too long have I gone without time or energy for myself and it's not just been since I've had Lyla.  The new me:
  1. Relishes my alone time (like right now) in the wee hours of the morning.
  2. Doesn't care if I only eat one thing all day long if it's totally fattening and takes up all my calories.
  3. Goes to bed when I'm tired rather than forcing myself to stay up for a movie or more work.
  4. I am happy to get fit for me and for Lyla.  
  5. And the new me will look hot on our cruise this summer - no more frumpy mamma!
Frumpy is a word I never want to hear again.  Because this summer if I stick to my plan, I'm taking my fashionista sister out shopping for her to remake my entire wardrobe.  I want to be a good mom but a cool mom too. I want to be someone Lyla would be proud of.

So wish me luck world.  The new me is going to be hard but I think I'm up for it.

If any one has any good low cal snack or dinner ideas, let me know!

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