Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Baby Clothes

I recently realized that Lyla has no clothes that fit her because she's growing like a weed (okay so that's not entirely true but I was sick of seeing her in the same outfits over and over again we needed something fresh but she is growing like crazy!)

So Gramma got a big coupon for Kohl's and we went shopping yesterday for some fresh, bigger clothes.  I can't help but notice how good and bad kids clothes are.  A few thoughts...

Kohl's Jumping Bean
I like this brand.  The clothes are cute and they fit pretty close to the age range they offer.  The clothes seem a bit stiff depending on the material though.  I like how you can buy separates for pretty cheap - especially when they are on sale.

Target - Circo
I love this brand!  Probably one of my favorites.  The clothes are right on par with the size they boast.  But most importantly they are comfy!  I only use these onesies if I can help it as they are soft, stretchy and seem very comfy for Lyla - especially when she sleeps.  They also have separates that are reasonably priced.  But it depends on the item.

Carter's is a good deal, most of the time.  Their fleece sleepers are awesome but overall their clothes run small.  I didn't know until it was too late that if my daughter is 1 month old, she's in 3 month Carter's.  So now she's 9 months and is 12 month Carter's.  Not that she's bigger, but they run small.  I think the best things they offer are their two piece sets and their jimjams.

Crazy pricey for sure.  But freaking adorable!  I love to skim the clearance rack. Only downside is their sizing is 6-12 months so sometimes things are too big or too small.  Their hats and accessories are to die for and the little embroidery patterns they have too cute!  Special occasion outfits for sure.  But I only do sales.  Paying more than $15 for an outfit for Lyla is just ridonkulous.  

Baby Gap
Also stupid pricey.  Why would I ever pay $30 for a pair of jeans for Lyla?  Plus they are totally impracticle boasting stiff, pretty clothes that are not so comfy.  I got Lyla a GAP sweatshirt with a gift card and a pair of jeans (cost me the entire $50 card).  The jeans I rarely put her in because they don't offer good movement.

The Children's Place
Love their jimjams. Super comfy and fuzzy - way better than Carter's.  But I'm not a fan of the pricing either.  Get things on sale or none at all!

Amy Coe
You can get this brand at Babies R Us and it's super cute/trendy. Also pricey and small for the sizes they offer so beware!

Probably one of my other favorites.  You can get these at Wal Mart and they are super comfy!  The clothes are right on size-wise and the materials are super soft.  They sell in separates and are very affordable.

Faded Glory
Also at Wal Mart, probably my 2nd favorite to Circo.  This brand is ultra soft and comfy.  Everything I've gotten in this brand has just gotten more soft each time I wash. They are right on size-wise and the clothes are cute and affordable.  

Waste of money.  Run wicked small and are very tight - not loose and stretchy.  Don't bother buying Gerber clothes.  But I highly recommend the Gerber soft burp cloths.

Just my two sense..


baby boy clothes said...

The baby like so very cute, how many months is he/she?

Jessie said...

she's 9 months, thanks!

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