Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Count Your Blessings Wednesday

It's very hard for me to be grateful today since I'm a zombie.  How I will put 9 hard hours into work today while caring for Lyla, cleaning my kitchen floor, and making time to work out, I have no idea.  I probably slept for a minute last night and I'm hurting.

But I guess I can be grateful today that I am not dead - literally - although I totally feel dead.  Okay well there ya have it.  Today I'm grateful I'm not literally dead.  Gotta go now as I'm pretty sure I smell something wafting from Lyla's butt.  It's gonna be a day, let me tell you!

1 comment:

Wendi said...

I'm glad you're not dead, either!

Love the picture of her in the little white hat. Those CHEEKS!

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